Live Gig Photos

God is an Astronaut, Epitaph Tour at The Academy, Dublin on Febuary 9th, 2019

Words: Mo Sheerin

Pics: © Olga Kuzmenko Photography

Dublin was served an eclectic and stunning performance by Ireland’s very own ambient post rock trio God is an Astronaut on their second homeland gig this year.

The band returned to Dublin and delivered a sonic delight to a full house at The Academy and was well received by an audience that has been waiting 3 years for the release of their latest album, Epitaph.

The band garner recognition from an array of all types of audiences, metalheads, sound nerds, even lovers of cinematic soundtrack, as was clear to see from the audience at the venue on the evening.

Since the release of their more popular album All is Violent, All is Bright , the band has attained a fanbase who admire their blend of heavy riffs mixed with ambient and atmospheric progressions, which hasn’t changed much following their latest 2018 release since Epitaph.

God is An Astronaut continue this theme in Epitaph to produce cosmic and emotionally provocative tracks which made their show in Dublin an absolutely unique experience for both hardcore fans and those who have recently discovered them.

The night began with the self titled track from the latest album and was warmly received. Throughout the evening it was clear that the band have sentiment towards the Irish soil in which they were formed, as they engaged with audience members, declaring how much they appreciate their Irish fanbase.

Visually, The Academy also adapted to the bands overall sound. With lighting adding emotion and suspense to each track, the venue was in utter awe and Dublin reciprocated well to the theatrical experience provided.

As the night continued on, the band alternated between a wonderful mix of familiar songs and their latest releases. With that, their set became more and more gargantuan, building suspense with haze of distortion with their more heavier and popular tracks like ‘All is Violent, All is Bright’ and ‘Suicide by Star’. These tracks in particular had Dublin in an uproar as the looped guitar melodies would be recognised by any GIAA Fan instantly.

The band performed elegantly and with complete competence, ensuring Dublin was brought a ceremonious display of sound and visuals that intrigued the sense and emotions of any fan of Metal, Post rock, ambient and atmospheric music.



Mortal Coil

The End of The Beginning

Frozen Twilight

All is Violent, All is Bright


Seance Room


Forever Lost

Suicide By Star

From Dust To the Beyond


Tell Us How You Feel