Live Gig Photos

Sevendust and Tremonti Live at The Paramount, NYC on February 13th, 2019

Photos by: Dhruv Kumar

Words byKunal Singh

February 13, 2019, The Paramount. Long Island’s faithful stand for national touring acts of metal, hard rock, and more. The lineup features up and coming artists such as Kirra, Cane Hill, and Lullwater, all of which had their followings represented by fans of all ages. The special guests for this evening were Tremonti, led by world-renowned guitar player of Creed and Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti. The headlining band was none other than 20+ year veterans, Sevendust.

Lullwater put on a great performance, winning over many new faces to their Southern blend of rock and blues from Athens, GA. From the catchy hooks of their single “Tug of War,” and the melodic and ripping solos of guitar player Daniel Binnie, the quartet led by John Strickland on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ron “Ray” Beatty on bass, and Joe Wilson on Drums, Lullwater put on a great showcase of their talent and sound.

The stage was then taken to by Tremonti, who put on an absolutely blazing set of straight-ahead metal, hard rock, and speed metal. It was a high energy assault of absolute kick-ass guitar solos, double bass paradise, and rhythmic pulse-pounding action. There were a few moments of Eric Friedman doing some solo guitar work which was quite well received and a little feature of Tanner Keegan on bass. Drummer Ryan Bennett was rock solid throughout the night with his metronome perfect drumming. Mark Tremonti, of course, represented well on vocals and guitars. Playing songs from all his previous solo albums, Tremonti took the crowd and raised the energy to a perfectly primed temperature.


You Waste Your Time
Another Heart
The Things I’ve Seen
Flying Monkeys
Bringer of War
Throw Them to the Lions
A Dying Machine
Wish You Well

Then, after about 2 minutes of darkness on stage and only faint house lights, the temperature of the room hit a fever pitch as Sevendust took the stage for an all-out barrage of ear-pounding music. The crowd was singing along to every song, as the die-hard faithful were chanting every chorus at the top of their lungs. The show was peppered with so many moments of crowd interaction and gracious addresses from the band, though the audience was at capacity, one would be forgiven if they thought this was for intimate viewing space. The band was as delighted and excited to play as we, the fans, were to see and experience them. The band was visibly thrilled as I believe this suburban Long Island crowd poured out their collective energy to match that of the very band, music, and soul of their performance. The show was truly a show for the fans and the band, and as Sevendust played their two encore songs, not a single person left this venue disappointed.


Dead Set
Angel’s Son
Thank You


Face to Face

Tell Us How You Feel