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Iron Savior ‘Kill Or Get Killed’ Review

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: 15 March 2019

Genre: Power Metal



Piet Sielck- Vocals & Guitar

Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – Guitar

Jan-Sören Eckert- Bass

Thomas Nack – Drums


1. Kill Or Get Killed

2. Roaring Thunder

3. Eternal Quest

4. From Dust and Rubble

5. Sinner Or Saint

6. Stand Up And Fight

7. Heroes Ascending

8. Never Stop Believing

9. Until We Meet Again

10. Legends of Glory

Since finding them via the Internet in the early 2000’s Iron Savior has consistently been one of my favourite Power Metal bands. I have freely admitted numerous times that Power Metal isn’t necessarily my favourite genre. There just seems to be a glut of same-sounding, uninspired bands I find to be nowhere as interesting as their forefathers and a handful of followers of said forefathers. The thing that always appealed to me about Iron Savior was the fact that though they are indeed very much a Power Metal band, they have forged a sound that is equal parts Power and 80’s Metal riffs. Heavy and fast, yet able to deliver melodic guitar lines and 80’s inspired catchy songs, they have reigned at the top of my list through their entire career. Even with an ever revolving line-up, main man Piet Sielck has stayed true to his vision from their first release in 1997. Unleashing their 11th Metal masterpiece, Iron Savior is taking 2019 by storm.

Kill Or Get Killed is a romping, razor sharp feast of Power Heavy Metal few bands are capable of. It is amazing to think that after 20+ of releasing music Sielck is able to keep his songwriting fresh. Rarely has there been an iron Savior song that has disappointed. With this album the songs take on a more serious note (any Savior fan knows that the band has always been capable of delivering some good chuckles while not taking themselves too seriously from time to time,) giving it an even more intense feel to it. Though the lyrical material may be more serious, nothing is lost in the music. Songs like “Eternal Quest,” “Roaring Thunder,” and “Legends of Glory” still have that perfect mix of heavy and melodic.

I doubt I would go so far as to say that this is their greatest album ever, but it comes pretty close. If you have ever been a fan of Iron Savior, Kill Or Get Killed is yet another gem in this vastly underrated Metal bands catalogue. This Teutonic Heavy Metal titan certainly deserves more exposure than they have gotten and should be a household name in the metal world. Easily one of the most consistent bands of its type, and always delivering top notch music.

Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Chris Martin

My Global Mind – Senior Staff Writer

Chris Martin is a US based writer for My Global Mind, with an interest in hard rock and heavy metal in all its forms. A heavy contributor to the site, his work largely covers album and gig reviews.

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