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Shallow Side ‘Saints & Sinners’ Review

Released by: Thermal Entertainment LLC

Release Date: 29 March 2019

Genre: Hard Rock



Eric Boatright (Vocals)
Seth Trimble (Lead Guitar)
Heath Fields (Drums)
Matt Daniels (Bass)


  1.   Revival         
  2.   Saints & Sinners      
  3.   SOUND THE ALARM         
  4.   Drugs & Lust            
  5.   Temptations
  6.   Hallejujah     
  7.   No More                   
  8.   All Rise         
  9.   Not Alone                 
  10.   Carry On      

Ask my friend Roger and he’ll tell you, when it comes to most Modern Hard Rock, it’s gonna be a no from me dawg. So much of it literally sounds just like so much of it. Outside of a handful of bands (and a child’s small handful) it is one of my least favourite subgenres of Rock Music. Chalk it up to being old perhaps, or maybe I’ve just been so entrenched with classic Metal and Hard Rock that my ears are just not qualified to “get it.” Whatever excuse someone wants to lump on me for my personal preferences, I just know that I don’t really care for it. But like I said, there are a few bands that get it right and that my ears “get.” I think the thing that typically separates the wheat from the chafe is that it might be a tad harder than most, but truthfully it is the quality of songs. Seriously, how many bands do we need that sound like Theory of A Deadman before enough is enough?

Now that my “disclaimer” is out of the way, Alabama band Shallow Side are releasing their first full length album called Saints & Sinners after a series of three EP’s since 2012. Right off the bat, you hear the influence of bands like Chevelle, Daughtry, and Alter Bridge, and you pick up on the Modern Hard Rock aspect of their style- it is what they do after all. With standout tracks like “Carry On,” “No More,” “Revival,” and “Sound the Alarm” you get almost a Southern tinged version of the aforementioned bands with an almost AOR-ish presence, which is a nice touch. I also like the vocals of Eric Boatright. He’s not trying too hard to sound like anyone but himself (something that may or may not be true of the genre, but tends to seem that way.) He’s got a nice delivery and a keen sense of good vocal melodies. Guitarist Seth Trimble does a great job of structuring memorable and catchy riffs and delivering some tasty leads that accentuate the songs, and as a guitarist that is a strong way to make me like your music.

Despite my misgivings for this type of sound, I have to give credit where credit is due: Shallow Side are pushing themselves to create quality Modern Hard Rock that isn’t easily shoved into a certain type. While their tunes would fit nicely on Modern Rock Radio, I feel like the writing and performances set them apart from the rest. I think with as many spins as I have given Saints & Sinners I could easily pick them out of the pack.

Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Chris Martin

My Global Mind – Senior Staff Writer

Chris Martin is a US based writer for My Global Mind, with an interest in hard rock and heavy metal in all its forms. A heavy contributor to the site, his work largely covers album and gig reviews.

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