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Robin Trower, Coming Closer to The Day – review

Genre: Blues

Label: Mascot Label Group

Release Date: OUT NOW

Track listing

  1. Diving Bell
  2. Truth or Lies
  3. Coming Closer to the Day
  4. Ghosts
  5. Tide of Confusion
  6. The Perfect Wrong
  7. Little Girl Blue
  8. Someone of Great Renown
  9. Lonesome Road
  10. Tell Me
  11. Don’t Ever Change
  12. Take Me With You

The opening liquid guitar gold rush seeping out of my speakers and into my soul, has literally left me intoxicated in the first few seconds of listening to track one from the latest offering from Robin Trower. 

With the lightness of his guitar touch and the deepness of his old school British blues creativity, Robin offers us atmospheric treats such as ‘Truth or Lies’, that have that wonderful feeling of bluesy, creeping menace. This has an almost scratchy, aged feel to it, reminiscent of older rhythm and blues for sure, and as Robin himself says “was quite hard to pull off” … well Robin you did that alright!

‘Don’t Ever Change’ and ‘Coming Close to The Day’ show the more soulful side to this album, with the title track having an instant intro that mirrors ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles, that soothingly transforms into a song of acceptance as to how beautiful and short our time on this earth is. 

With back beat blues perfection and the haunting vocals of ‘Ghosts’ making way for ‘Tide Of Confusion’ which has that gorgeously Jimi Hendrix-esque feel to the slightly 60’s style guitar distortion (actually my favourite track of the album), the combination of tracks is interesting and the depth of musical creativity tantilising.

‘The Perfect Wrong’ has a stonking, heavy, trucking beat making way for some truly awesome guitar and a neat and sassy ending.  The mesmerising, ‘Little Girl Blue’, you could easily imagine being sung by Nina Simone, it has that 50’s dream like quality about it … beautiful.

‘Someone Of Great Renown’ and ‘Lonesome’ have the slow, bar room, bluesy feel that you need when you taking your last sip of whiskey in the early hours of a Saturday morning,

With the finale of the album coming in the fine, slinky form of ‘Take Me With You’, this truly has been a welcome trip into old school blues with a most definite Jimi Hendrix taste to it.

For five decades this bluesman has been making his raw, deep, rhythm and blues music. You can feel all the love and experience that he has gathered along the way, woven within each note and groove on this album.

SCORE: 7 out of 10

REVIEW: Francijn Suermondt

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