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Release date: OUT NOW!

Line up:

Wille Edwards – Lead Vocals/Guitars

Matt Brooks – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Andrew Naumann – Drums/Percussion


1. One Way

2. Make Love

3. Victim of the Night

4. Four Million Days

5. Chakra

6. Keep it on the Down-low

7. Judgement Day

8. How Long

9. Find my Way

10. Watch you Grow

11. Retribution

Ok, I’m a bit late getting to this one but despite being around for quite some time and having four previous studio albums and a live album under their belt, Cornish three piece ‘Wille and The Bandits’ have surprisingly up until this point managed to slip under my radar – the fact that they encompass all my favourite musical genres is more surprising still, but better late than never I say…

Opening track “One Way”, lures the listener in with a bit of relaxed slide guitar before picking up pace and morphing into a fast paced, catchy tune with a repetitive upbeat blues resonance in the background, consistent hard hitting percussion features throughout, it’s an instantly addictive song I wanted to play over and over.

“Victim of the Night” begins with what I can best describe as a Southern rock vibe, soft but effective backing vocals precede a stunning, spiralling melodic guitar interlude which turns the track in a different direction, absolutely superb.

Featuring an altogether more sombre sound, “Four Million Days” is like an ethereal ballad, it is vocal, lyrical and musical brilliance, while a noticeably heavier sound can be heard on “Find my Way” and towards the end of the amazing finishing track “Retribution”.

Selecting tracks to best highlight the various qualities of this album has been insanely difficult, a favourite track an impossibility.  There are no fillers here, every song is unique and showcases the abilities of the musicians to the max.  It is originality with a ‘hint of familiarity’ as the band weave their way through various musical styles with top notch proficiency and diversity.  It is in places energised and hard hitting, in others slow and melancholy but absolutely packed with feeling in its entirety. 

I may have mentioned before on occasion but it is no easy task to give a detailed, well rounded review to an album which is so good it could be summed up in one line – ‘best album I’ve heard this year’, or even in one word -‘wow!’ 

I love it and can’t say I was surprised to learn that this trio who are currently on a European tour are all multi instrumentalists – catch them on a stage near you and don’t forget to check out the back catalogue!

SCORE: 10/10

Reviewed by: Karen Hetherington

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