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Beth Hart – Live At The Royal Albert Hall – DVD review


Released: Out Now

Run Time: 120 minutes

  1. As Long As I Have A Song
  2. For My Friends
  3. Lifts You Up
  4. Close To The Fire
  5. Bang Bang Boom Boom
  6. Good As It Gets
  7. Spirit Of God
  8. Baddest Blues
  9. Sister Heroine
  10. Baby Shot Me Down
  11. Waterfalls
  12. Your Heart Is As Black As Night
  13. Saved
  14. The Ugliest House On The Block
  15. Spiders In My Bed
  16. Take It Easy On Me
  17. Leave The Light On
  18. Mama This One’s For You
  19. My California
  20. Trouble
  21. Love Is a Lie
  22. Picture In A Frame
  23. Caught Out In The Rain

Beth Hart, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter was born in Los Angeles, and the liquid gold of her Californian voice and persona is apparent when she struts her stuff in front of the packed crowd at The Royal Albert Hall. 

With the confidence and vocal dexterity that only a jazz infused rock chick of this calibre can manage, her vocals range from stunning simplicity of tracks such as ‘As Long As I Have A Song’ right through to the funky ‘Lifts You Up’, which comes complete with throaty tongue rolls on the verge of emanating a female Bret Michaels.

The laid back and dreamy ‘Close To The Fire’, the favourite of Beth’s mum, is full of sultry LA summer sun, whilst ‘Boom Boom Bang Bang’ has the crowd screaming Yee Haa with the best of them.

Smoothly, Beth sings her way through various genres of blues, jazz, rock and honky-tonk with ease, showcasing her extreme talents to a mesmerised audience, with joy and aplomb.  Wearing a simple black dress and adorned with tattoos and flowing rockers hair, Beth’s talent does not need pyrotechnics and a massive all singing all dancing stage show …. She IS the stage show and she IS the BOOM of fireworks that you need!

When singing the ‘Baddest Blues’, ‘Sister Heroine’ and ‘Baby Shot Me Down’ and playing on her candlelight piano, I guarantee the hairs WILL stand on end, just like mine did….stunning!! 

The band with Beth need a mention too, these are the perfect support for this amazing woman, they are those most accomplished of musicians who fit her creative vision to perfection, whilst never stealing the limelight…exceptional!

The fabulous ‘The Ugliest House On The Block’ has Beth strumming away on her guitar and loving every minute of it.  Whilst ‘My California’ has the sun-filled ambience and beauty fitting this glorious sunshine state.

This amazing concert has had a very open and honest Ms Hart laying herself bare and singing about all aspects of her life and her inspirations, making this a truly exceptional piece of audio and visual creativity.

WOW, WOW, WOW girl!  This rock legend has some stage presence, you simply cannot take your eyes off her!   With an amazing throaty vocal range that gives you floating goose-bumps one minute and makes you want to head bang around you front room then next, I thoroughly recommend this DVD. Somehow Beth has managed to make this concert up close and personal, even though the capacity at the Albert Hall is over 5,500 and bringing and ambience of deep emotion combined with rock n roll good times!  Amazing!

SCORE: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by: Francijn Suermondt

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