Trucker Diablo Release New Single ‘Other Side Of The City’

TRUCKER DIABLO will release their new single ‘Other Side Of The City’ on 26th April. You can check out the video for it below:

I remember when we wrote City. Simon and I were in my old rock shed jamming and reminiscing about the old days, growing up, all our favourite films and music. Simon showed me this riff he had, and I started jamming and when he played the chorus, the first lyric I sang is still the lyric today. It was like magic and we loved it. We pride ourselves on good songs no matter how heavy or light, the song is king and we are proud of how it turned out” – Tom’ Harte, Trucker Diablo

“What a tune! This will be on every rock compilation of the future. They can do slow just as brilliantly as they do chunky” – Peter K Mally – Comedian/Compere

“Trucker Diablo are finally returning with new music, the Irish rockers are about to retake the rock world by storm with the release of “Other Side of The City” in 2019” – Tony Ainscough – Radio Nova, Ireland

“Loving this, guys, a great summer radio track for sure! Fantastic sounds again from the big Truck!” –Keith Weir – The Quireboys

Trucker Diablo closed 2018 playing Winter Storm Festival and earned the tag of “most fun and rockin’ band of the weekend!”. Quietly tinkering with the Big Truck over the winter period, and regaining control over previously label owned albums, the band dug some song ideas out of the archives, and from those sessions came the idea to celebrate 10 years of Trucker Diablo by re-releasing the first two albums in a special package, with bonus tracks and unreleased songs.

The new package became the 30-song laden ‘Devil Songs‘, the combination of The Devil Rhythm and Songs of Iron, and will be released in May 2019. The lead single ‘Other Side of the City‘ is one of the unreleased tunes from that period and combines everything Trucker became known for since that initial debut album, big riffs, sing along choruses and that feeling we’re in it together!

Recorded late 2018 with long term producer Frankie McClay at Einstein Studios, and featuring current bassist Jim McGurk, ‘Other Side of the City’ is released 26th April 2019 ‘Devil Songs‘ 30 song double cd/digital package released May 2019. 

2019 Shows:

Friday 24th May – Call Of The Wild Festival

Saturday 25th May – tbc

Sunday 26th May – Breaking Bands Festival

Saturday 3rd August – Bappers Festival

Friday 23rd August – Hilden Beer Festival

Friday 13th September – Galashiels

Saturday 14th September – Rockin’ The Bowl Festival

Friday 15th November – Monsterfest

Here’s what the press said:

“Trucker Diablo’s debut embraces beer, girls and enough testosterone to submerge a small country. Sleazy blues rawk and distorted power chords are down and very dirty – check out Thin Lizzy frontman Ricky Warwick’s contribution to Juggernaut – with particularly appealing openings and solos in Dirty Love and the nicely Texas-y Voodoo” – Classic Rock Magazine reviewing The Devil Rhythm

“With a truly formidable reputation for explosive live shows and beer-fuelled chaos, Trucker Diablo are Northern Ireland’s most exciting new band. This album is their first big chance to grab the world by the knackers. While their 2010 debut was equal parts razor-sharp bombast and featherweight filler, Songs of Iron is a brash and bellicose joy from start to finish. The album thrums and crackles with electrifying energy and verve, veering from the singalong exuberance of Red Light On and The Rebel to the sweetly soulful pathos of ballad Maybe You’re The One” – Classic Rock Magazine reviewing Songs of Iron


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