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Released by: Darkside Records Europe

 Release Date: 26th April 2019

Genre: Progressive, Power Metal



  • Mahdi Khema – Vocals
  • Tarak Ben Sassi – Guitars
  • Aymen Ben Hamed – Drums
  • Yessine Belghith – Bass
  • Timo Somers – Guitars


  1. Whispers From The Wicked
  2. The Monster In Me
  3. The Devil’s Dolls
  4. The Rebirth
  5. A Last Sigh
  6. Cry Out For The Land
  7. Memories Of Never Ending Pains
  8. The Rebirth (Orchestral)

Tunisian band Carthagods are back with the sequel of their debut self-titled album, entitled The Monster In Me. After two decades of many line-up changes and countless live shows around Europe and in their homeland, the band has finally managed to focus on their studio discography. The most important representative of Tunisian Heavy Metal scene have tried their best in order to create a solid Heavy Metal record and it seems they have probably succeed on this effort.

This new project includes eight brand new songs of classic Heavy Metal sound enriched with Progressive and Power metal elements. Most of the tracks are easy listening due to the fact that the compositions are based on simple guitar riffs mixed with melodic interludes and solid drumming sections.

As far as the vocal parts are concerned, there is a standard heavy metal voice that is adapted in a very good way to the melodies, even if the vocalist uses a small scale in singing. The intro track is a fast paced speed/power metal song entitled “Whispers From The Wicked”, followed by the title track that has no rhythm changes.

It’s time for a mid tempo tune “The Devil’s Dolls”, that has a classic sound with many melodic sections, followed by a power ballad entitled “The Rebirth” and a progressive track with some thrash style riffs , named “A Last Sigh”. A speed/power metal song “Cry Out For The Land” leads to the slowest and last part of the album. This section includes a slow ballad “Memories of Never Ending Pains” and an orchestral version of “The Rebirth” track.

This record has a solid Heavy Metal sound and the band members’ efforts to create material of very good quality are very much appreciated. Unfortunately, the songs are not memorable, there is nothing innovative as far as the music is concerned and the vocals are monotonous. It’s a good album, the band shows that has talent and future in the field for sure, but after a few listening times, it simply becomes indifferent and forgettable.

Ratings: 6/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

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