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Boomin – Defying Gravity, Review

Genre: Epic Rock n Roll

Label: Unsigned

Release Date: Out Now

Band Members
ADZ – Vocals / Guitar –
RORY – Vocals / Bass –
MR EDD – Vocals / Drums –
Smells Like Billy Jean
King Of The Swingers
Happy Life
At The Movies
Red Light Spells Danger
Common PPL 
Come Together
Brotherly Love
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Defying Gravity
The Hit Factory
Bjork 2 New York
The Switch

Boomin are Fun, Unpredictable and play Epic Rock n Roll from Wigan, UK. Their Debut album ‘Original Junkie’ and the reason I sit here writing this review today, went into the iTunes Rock chart at no. 22. Produced by Mark Wainwright (INXS) it was published via Townsend/Universal Records. For an unsigned band, the band’s reputation ‘oop North’ is exemplary. 

Their music genre is ‘pure pop rock anthems’. It’s stadium filling power pop with enough rock to keep even the most grizzled detractor tapping their feet to the music.

This album, for most rock fans at a first glance would suggest (shudder!) a pop album with the latest hits from the chart thing that people over a certain age no longer listen to. If, like me you’ve ditched BBC Radio One and Two in favour of independent stations like Absolute and Planet Rock in the hope that some decent music might be aired then read on. This is an album that offers rock covers (yes it’s a covers album but bear with me here…) of some classics from multiple decades. 

In the same way that music and movies are re-imagined, Boomin have re-imagined the “Classic covers…” format and the end result is part mash up and part homage to some absolute classics of our time. 35 artists are covered, some in medleys, some as perfect mash ups. Others are reworkings of classic songs and the end result is a perfect party album for rock fans who don’t understand what a party album should sound like. It’s the go to CD for when you have a BBQ and get moaned at for playing Master of Puppets whilst Nan is sitting on the patio. 

So how do you mix up 35 artists’ music into 16 songs over the space of an hour? How about “Smells Like Billy Jean”, blending Nirvana and Michael Jackson? How about “At The Movies” which mixes Kenny Loggins and ‘Danger Zone’ with the theme from Baywatch and Toto’s ‘Africa’ , pure class! 

“Thuglife” sees modern RnB hits mixed into a solid rock meets rap meets RnB track and it’s one that opens the album to great effect and provide just enough crunch to make anyone listening to it to stop, take notice and subconsciously start to tap feet and nod heads. 

Sum 41 and The Beatles are given the full track , no messing around, treatment with covers of “Fatlip” and “Come Together” both of which the lads from Wigan deliver in style.

The surprises are many and the smiles they raise even more noticeable. “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked and the mash up of Bjork and Frank Sinatra on “Bjork 2 New York” proving that good music is good music regardless of style and genre if it’s simply played well. 

The album can be purchased here:

This is genuinely an absolute joy and I look forward to see the lads come down the M1 and brave the big smoke to play some of these tracks. 

I think I’ve just found the band I want at my next big ‘zero’ birthday!

Score 9/10

Review by: Adrian Hextall

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