10 to see – Camden Rocks 2019, Day 1 – June 1st

It is of course impossible to see so many bands across the two days so, like the iconic moment in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, now is the...


Camden Rock Festival is thrilled to announce this year’s finalised phenomenal line-up, alongside the running order for each venue and band. The hottest event in London is taking place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2019 and it will bring over 400 bands across 20 venues all within Camden Town.

It is of course impossible to see so many bands across the two days so, like the iconic moment in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, now is the time to ‘choose wisely!’

Here’s our pick of 10 for Day 1, Saturday June 1st.


Having won the chance to open the festival at The Electric Ballroom (12pm June 1st) , Collateral offer everything we miss from those great arena rock bands of the 80s. Soaring vocals, wailing guitar solos, melodies to hang your hat on.

The debut album will be out this year. We for one cannot wait.


Recognized for their high energy performances, original material that draws on influences from Blondie to the punk bands of the 80’s and their dedication to a growing fan base, Bexatron appeal to music lovers from the college market to ’boomers’ who are loyal to the band’s music which is both unique and fresh.

?Vocalist BeXXX, lead guitarist Greg Paco Radcliffe, bassist Adam Adorjan and drummer Belle Star create a live experience ensuring that fans never leave a show disappointed.

Ryuketsu Blizzard

Ryuketsu Blizzard is a Japanese ‘comic-shock’ punk band that formed in Osaka, Japan.

The band’s line-up consists of Juda (Vocals), Yogore (Bass), Sexy (Drums) and the only female in the group Milly Bison (Guitar). Roughly translated the band name means “spattering blood blizzard”.

Bang Bang Romeo

Fronted by vocal powerhouse Anastasia Walker and featuring Ross Cameron (guitars) and Richard Gartland (drums), Bang Bang Romeo are a propelling force for female-fronted bands and a strong and open voice for the LGBT community. Anastasia’s “once in 20 years voice” is unrivalled and the group’s larger-than-life performances are sending audiences wild up and down the country, leaving them with jaws dropped and often reduced to tears.

Rich Ragany & The Digressions

UK Powerpop songwriter and Role Models frontman reaches out with a brand new band, THE DIGRESSIONS, and brand new songs… “Cult power-pop alchemist aims high with perfectly executed crossover album” 9/10 – VIVE LE ROCK

The Idol Dead

Always outnumbered but never outgunned, The Idol Dead deliver fearless and memorable punk rock.

After the success of 2017 Tension and Release, The Idol Dead will be writing and recording their 5th album in 2019.


V2A the world’s biggest post apocalyptic band .. The UK band now headline major festivals all over uk / Europe and the USA .. Are you ready for the party at the End Of The World???


A 4 piece, rough edge, powerful indie rock band from Lincoln with one unanimous passion – to resurrect the British guitar appeal.

With a modern take on the 90’s guitar movement, Albany have featured on BBC introducing with track of the week, supported Leeds breakthrough act Marsicans, headlined a show with This Feeling at The Engine Shed Lincoln and featured on Morning TV, they have secured themselves as one of Lincolnshire’s best acts.

With their latest and biggest single to date ‘Kingpin,’ released in October 2018 and their next release due this Spring, Albany are generating a lot of interest and buzz amongst their fans and continue to climb in popularity, proving that a great underdog story CAN still prove everyone wrong.

Ginger Wildheart

It wouldn’t be Camden Rocks without a set from The Wildhearts’ frontman. With a new album out from the band riding high in the charts and a roaring fire in Ginger’s belly, who knows what to expect from his hour long plus set !

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing hail sing loud punk rock songs about the Victorian era, and have been gleefully rubbing the face of present day Britain in the rotten corpse of its past since 2008, in the hope that it will learn from its mistakes (For info ……… it hasn’t).


Heading this year Camden Rocks line-up are acclaimed punk and folk singer songwriter Frank Turner and talented alt-rock quartet Deaf Havana. The festival final roster encompasses acts from rock, indie, alternative, folk and punk music and its myriad of hybrids – a diverse list including the likes of: Ash, The Wonder Stuff, The Pigeon Detectives, Rat Boy, New Model Army, Wheatus, Carl Barat, The Quireboys, A, Skinny Lister, Ginger Wildheart, Ruts DC, The Professionals, Angelic Upstarts, The Glen Matlock Band featuring Earl Slick, Milk Teeth, Pretty Vicious, Glamour Of The Kill, Ferocious Dog, Raging Speedhorn, Random Hand, Discharge, The Spitfires, Eliza and The Bear, The Virginmarys, Buster Shuffle, Area 11, Sean McGowan, Luna Bay, Sonic Boom Six, The Last Internationale, Our Hollow Our Home, Spunge, Bang Bang Romeo, Warrior Soul, Lotus Eater, REWS, Novacub, Annabel Allum, Big Boy Bloater and The Limits, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Loathe, Strange Bones, Undead Raisins and many, many, many more.

The final festival line-up extensively covers the wide spectrum of rock genre and sub-genres, once again proving Camden Rocks as the leading summer event showcasing the best music in the scene. Whether it is the excitement to watch a brand new band or the comfort of listening to classic anthems; whether it is the pride to listen to British talents or the curiosity to watch overseas acts, the final Camden Rocks Festival line-up caters for every taste and doesn’t disappoint.

The day or weekend tickets cover all venues on the festival circuit. The festivalgoers will get the chance to witness the best of today’s rock scene in its natural environment. Walking between a variety of venues such as: the historic Underworld, the intimate Brewdog Bar, the atmospheric Black Heart, Britpop hangout The Dublin Castle or the iconic Electric Ballroom, fans will roam around one of the capital most interesting areas; a melting pot of thriving and diverse music scene, with a buzzing atmosphere and dotted with endless food, culture and shopping choices to complement two-days of pure rock.

As the headliner Frank Turner says: “I (mis) spent my youth getting the train to London and the tube to Camden as fast as I could, because I knew it was the epicentre of where I wanted to be in life. As an adult I’ve lived in and around Camden, and now I’m at the Camden Rocks Festival. It feels like exactly the right place for me to be, it feels like home. I can’t wait.”

Tickets and Info: www.camdenrocksfestival.com

The Camden Rocks Festival 2019 final posted and stage times are available HERE

The full list of artists performing at this year edition of Camden Rocks Festival is:

Frank Turner * Deaf Havana * Ash * The Wonder Stuff * The Pigeon Detectives * Rat Boy * New Model Army * Wheatus * Carl Barat * The Quireboys * A * Skinny Lister * Ruts Dc * Ginger Wildheart * The Professionals * Angelic Upstarts * The Glen Matlock Band Featuring Earl Slick * Milk Teeth * Pretty Vicious * Glamour Of The Kill * Ferocious Dog * Raging Speedhorn * Random Hand * Discharge * The Spitfires * Eliza And The Bear * The Virginmarys * Buster Shuffle * Area 11 * Seán Mcgowan * Luna Bay * Sonic Boom Six * Desperate Journalist * The Last Internationale * Our Hollow, Our Home * [Spunge] * Bang Bang Romeo * Warrior Soul * Lotus Eater * Rews * Novacub * Annabel Allum * Big Boy Bloater And The Limits * The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing * Loathe * Strange Bones * Undead Raisins * Sœur * The Lottery Winners * Bad Touch * Rascalton * Shvpes * The Bottom Line * Saint Agnes * V2A * Orchards * Nervus * John J Presley * Acres * Adam Masterson * Queen Zee * The Dunts * Los Pepes * Indian Queens * Heavy Rapids * The Dsm Iv * Asylums * Press To Meco * Hands Off Gretel * Towers Of London * Red Rum Club * King Nun * Flesh Tetris * Exist Immortal * King Creature * The Wood Burning Savages * Average Sex * Lazy Day * Roe * Death Remains * Skarlett Riot * False Heads * The Pearl Harts * Wars * The Hyena Kill * The Hip Priests * Projector * Riskee And The Ridicule * Ondt Blod * Phoxjaw * Black Futures * S U L P H E R * Daxx & Roxane * Lost In Stereo * River Becomes Ocean * Gold Key * Pengshui * Dragster * Funeral Shakes * Federal Charm * Flight Brigade * The Soapgirls * Deux Furieuses * Seething Akira * Glass Peaks * Modern Error * The Collier * The Chords Uk * The Kut * The Wild Things * Bitch Falcon * Faers * Inklings * Sworn Amongst * Cruel Hearts Club * Coast To Coast * The Five Hundred * Ping Pong Warrior * Gaygirl * Sugarwolf * The Famous Class * Dead Label * Non Canon * Behind Blue Eyes * No Violet * Wild Front * Thecityisours * Joanovarc * Black Orchid Empire * The Estevans * Colt48 * Killit * The London Ss * Mk Ultra * The Cruel Knives * The Dave Kusworth Group * Greywind * The Luka State * Koyo * Oxygen Thief * Alexis Kings * Sick Love * Vista Kicks * Syteria * Haig * Lebrock * All Ears Avow * Millie Manders And The Shutup * Beach For Tiger * Jw Paris * Hello Operator * Karima Francis * Berries * Catch Fire * Knocksville * Healthy Junkies * Harry Marshall * Miracle Glass Company * Autopilot * Waterfools * Kit Trigg * Lots Holloway * Janus Stark * Brand New Friend * Bridges * Colt 45 * Hawxx * Ventenner * Delaire The Liar * Selfworth * Apollo Junction * The Howlers * Bless. * Mellor * Luke Rainsford * D_Drive * Sinka * Boyfromthecrowd * Tokyo Taboo * White Eskimo * Red Method * From Once We Came * The Dirty Strangers * Guitar Gangsters * The Franklys * Novatines * Derange * Rival Karma * Thousand Thoughts * Laulia * No Fit State * Living On Universal Denial * Ryuketsu Blizzard * Thunder On The Left * Mutant Monster * Pet Needs * Rich Ragany And The Digressions * Ravenface * Sugarthief * Longy * Bexatron * Best Of Enemies * I Within * David Stevens And The Beguiled * This Year’s Ghost * Mercutio * Tova * The Empty Page * The Garage Flowers * Dirty Orange * Mick O’toole * Unknown Chapters * The Muffin Heads * Marty Broke My Heart * Silvercord * The Tip * The Sweet Things * Tenyson * Myok * The Idol Dead * Last Great Dreamers * Ringo Franco * Cellar Door Moon Crow * Natalie Shay * Building Giants * Glossii * Toffees * River Hounds * Bugeye * Rhyn * Tony Goff & The Broken Colours * Black Sixteen * 10 Gauge * Seven Days And Doesn’t Die * M A V E N * Plain Sails * Man The Lifeboats * Matty James Cassidy Band * Weekend Recovery * The Silver Bayonets * Brightlight City * Bengal Lancers * Two Year Break * Dam_Fino * Arcane Militia * Pretty Pistol * Via Dolorosa * Rubber Jaw * Collateral * Young Garbo * Priests To Pilots * The Filthy Spectacula * Suzie Stapleton * Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison * Salvation Jayne * The Brandy Thieves * Outer Stella Overdrive * Sweet Crisis * Bad Solution * Repair To Ruin * Lighthouse * Die Ego * At The Sun * Jonny Weathers And Cosmic Scream * Panic Island * L Sicario * Lunar Echoes * Playmaker * Juicebox * Lady Luck Lexy & The Riverside Boys * Youth Illusion * As Sirens Fall * The Black Roses * Purple Lights * Neon Animal * Cavalcade * Calico Jack * Al Moses * Slip Digby * Iamwarface * Maxx Palmer * Lee Pa++Erson * Witchingseason * Black Roze * The Gulps * Nobody Wins * Seasonal * Xiii Weeks * Dead At Eleven * Third Lung * Cross Wires * Monty Taft * Vigilantes * Albany * Prisoners Of Mother England * Jack And Sally * Dig Lazarus * On Video * Doomsday Outlaw * Thieves Of Liberty * Spit * The Dark Light * Black Orchids * Sugar Horse * The Scruff * Duchess * Puppet Kings * Ego * Sleaze * Pollypikpocketz * Snak Dracula * Sasha & The Shades * Urock * Lara Smiles * Silent Cities * Offend My Ego * Leontas * Jeremy? * Adam Addams And The Adventures Of… * Brain Ape * Twin Jackal * Queensway * Rollers Of Bedlam * A Story To Tell * After Smoke Clears * Desert Clouds * Pilhouse * The Widows * Lloyd Llewellyn * Black Lightning * Angerland * Joe Asteroid * Late Night Legacy * Alive With Eyes * Dan Coburn * Henry Grace * Duck Lips * Dutch Mustard * The Offdays * Mess * Mux * Louzada * Dr!Ftwood * Everything Is Imagined * Liam Burke * Midwich Cuckoos * Butterflies On Pins * Drool * Shea Rafferty & Band * Waste * Trecco Beis * Indya * Flawless Carbon * Izzy Thomas * Shaun O’reilly * The Good Tenants * Sebastian Schub * Tvvinns * Pilgrims’ Dream * Three Mile Smile

Camden Rocks Festival is an over 18’s event.

Day or weekend tickets are available HERE

For further information on Camden Rocks Festival including FAQs please see


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