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D-A-D – Prayer For The Loud Review

Released by AFM Records

Release date : May 31st, 2019

Genre : Hard Rock

Line Up:

Jesper Binzer – Vocals, Guitar

Stig Pedersen – Bass, Vocals

Jacob Binzer – Guitar

 Laust Sonne – Drums


1. Burning Star

2. A Prayer For The Loud

3. Nothing Ever Changes

4. The Sky Is Made Of Blues

5. The Real Me

6. No Doubt About It

7. A Drug For The Heart

8. Musical Chairs

9. Time Is A Train

10. Happy Days In Hell

11. If The World Just


It has been eight years since the last D-A-D studio album release, but this year the famous Danish hard rock band has returned with “A Prayer For The Loud” labeled AFM Records. The group is previously known as Disneyland After Dark has completed thirty-three years of a consistent music career with eleven studio albums and much hard rock hit songs back in the eighties like “Sleeping My Day Away”. The European quartet has remained faithful to their traditional style by proposing eleven new catchy rock songs with strong compositions and excellent production.

The most amazing fact about D-A-D is that they still manage to sound fresh and maintain the same power and passion through the years. The amazing work on the guitars and vocals is pretty obvious with the intro track “Burning Star” which is also the first single of the record. There is a more bluesy mood shown with “Prayer For The Loud” followed by some more hard rock tunes “Nothing Ever Changes”, “The Sky Is Made Of Blues” and “The Real Me” full of good energy vibes. The highlight of the record could be “A Drug For The Heart”, a pleasant ZZ Top kind of track, followed by a beautiful ballad entitled “A Drug For The Heart”. There is no bad song in this album and this fact is confirmed by “Musical Chairs”, “Time Is A Train” and “Happy Days In Hell”. The final tune is another slow motion one “If The World Just”. This new effort from the Danish band can be defined as a solid hard rock with blues and punk elements record with catchy songs and positive energy, but the lack of originality is also expected.

Moreover, it shows many similarities with the first studio albums of the group and it proves that the band is alive and kicking, despite their long absence from discography. “A Prayer For The Loud” is a professional record, there is an excellent quality in melodies and lyrics, but maybe it would be more appreciated from the older fans of the band. It’s not enough to attract the public of a younger age.

The final feeling that the record gives to the listener is the respect for the courage of a classic band to give strong and loud rock of great quality even nowadays.


Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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