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Enthroned ‘Cold Black Suns’ Review

Released by Seasons Of Mist

Release Date: June 7th, 2019

Genre: Black Metal


Hosanna Satana
Vapula Omega
Silent Redemption
Beyond Humane Greed
Smoking Mirror
Son Of Man


Menthor – Drums
Neraath – Guitars, Drones and Effects
Nornagest – Vocals
Shagal – Guitars
Norgaath – Bass

Enthroned is one of the most experienced European Black Metal bands with twenty six years of career in music business. The group was formed in Charleroi, Belgium and “Cold Black Suns” is their debut record to label Seasons Of Mist. Despite all the difficulties they have been through, they have released ten studio albums and they are about to unleash the sequel of the critically acclaimed “Sovereigns” of 2014.

Nornagest is the only remaining member from the original line-up of the band, but they still show their great experience in the field by playing a typical black metal sound in a doom and occult atmosphere. The band doesn’t use the acerbic sound of the guitars, but the compositions are based on chilling guitar riffs and ritualistic drumming.  Moreover, the cold blood sensation is mostly determined by the vocals, meaning that the way the lyrics are presented by Nornagest is the leading source of the sound and the mood of the songs. The band members have managed to put all their rage, frustration and feelings into their music by getting their inspiration from their personal lives and the difficulties that the team has been through the years. This fact adds more authenticity to their compositions and the final effect is given by adding the coldness and typical energy of Enthroned.

The album starts with the classic doom occult style of “Ophiusa” followed by a extremely intense tune entitled “Hosanna Satana”. “Oneiros” has a more melancholic attitude, but the next section of the album shows the attempt of the group to add some modern elements to their music. In fact, “Vapula Omega” has a more contemporary sound and the lyrics are referred to the worship of gods, icons or modern technology by the people of different eras, under the command of a demon named Vapula. The first single that was chosen to present “Cold Black Suns” to the public before its release is “Silent Redemption”, one of the highlights of the whole record. The track starts with slow paced melodies transformed into a faster black metal sound with punk elements. Talking about death’s inevitability, the whole theme is concentrated into a catchy chorus and also the group tends to open their minds to different musical horizons. The next tune “Aghoria” shows the courage of Enthroned to bring to the surface a culture that worships death, maybe a common fact  in black metal music. “Beyond Human Greed”, based on intense percussions and a mid tempo sound, aggressive vocals and a chilling guitar solo, leads to the final part of the album. “Smoking Mirror” is also a slow motion track that becomes a real fury while talking about divinity. The perfect closure is given with the outstanding “Son Of Man”, as referred to Lucifer, the cast out archangel seen as a personification of freedom, knowledge and wisdom.

In conclusion, Enthroned has managed to create a black metal masterpiece, but also made an obvious effort to add modern elements to their sound, making the material more accessible to the people that prefer other kinds of Metal music. Moreover, the creation of nine individual songs with different kinds of stories behind the lyrics has given a different approach of black metal from the Belgian band. Undoubtedly, this is the most professional record of the band during their almost three decades of service in the genre. A special nomination deserves the art cover of “Cold Black Suns” created by the guitarist of the group that shows the unification of two spheres, as a metaphoric representation of the macroscopic dimension of space and the microcosm that we are, all surrounded by the skeleton of a snake, in a contrast between life and death.

Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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