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Saint Vitus ‘Saint Vitus’ Review

Released by Season Of Mist

Release date: May 17th, 2019

Genre: Doom Metal


A Prelude To…
12 Years In The Tomb
Hour Glass
City Park
Last Breath


Dave Chandler – Guitars
Scott Reagers – Vocals
Henry Vasquez – Drums
Patrick Bruders – Bass

Saint Vitus is an American band formed in Los Angeles in 1979 and they have released eight studio albums to date. Despite all the adventures that they have been through, they have managed to stay active for forty years. Although they have never reached a major popular breakthrough, they have exerted great influence on the development of the Doom Metal genre.

Their ninth self titled record is the sequel of “Lillie: F-65” that was released seven years ago and it seems that the lineup changes have also brought some innovations to the sound of the band. Dave Chandler, the only original member that has constantly been present since the first days of their career, has chosen to bring back the original vocalist  Scott Reagers in order to replace Scott “Wino” Weinrich. The line-up is completed by Henry Vasquez and Patrick Bruders which contribution is fundamental for the creation of the old classic doom metal sound. The excellent work on the guitars by Chandler is already known from the previous records of the team, with his psychedelic, long and acid solos. Moreover, the particular vocal range of Reagers that reaches lower tones in a Danzig kind of way is what a doom metal record demands.

The opener “Remains” is a slow, foreboding doom metal track with Reagers at the best interpretation possible and the amazing rhythm guitar sections by Chandler. Undoubtedly, this tune gives the right pace from the beginning and the ballad “A Prelude To…” works as a The Doors reminder. The heavier and faster paced “Bloodshed” and “12 Years In The Tomb” give a rougher mood but also the certainty that the new material is of better quality than “Lillie: F-65”. Another doom metal song “Wormhole” is followed by the blues mood “Hour Glass“. Moreover, there is a variation of style with “City Park“, an electronic kind of tune, that could also be considered as a filler one. At the final section, it’s time to wake up the ghost of Black Sabbath with “Last Breath” and end in a punk harcore style with “Useless“.

With their new album, Saint Vitus have proved that they still have the capacity to come back strong in discography without being innovative or adapted to the contemporary music scene. The choice of releasing a second self titled album could be symbolic and representative of the band’s regeneration. In conclusion, Saint Vitus have released their best material since the nineties with this solid doom metal record and their determination and courage to maintain their own classic style in the modern era of Heavy Metal is remarkable and fully respected.

Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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