Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Live at Sidetracks Music Hall, Huntsville, Alabama on May 24th, 2019

This was The Shakedown's first time hitting Huntsville, and while the turnout was small, again we acknowledge the venue is small to begin with, I thought the energy was...

Words: Shadow Editor

Live Photos and Video Production: Julius Richardson

Friday Nights, what to do on Friday Nights? Well if you we’re fortunate enough to be in Huntsville, Alabama on the 24th of May at Sidetracks Music Hall, then you would of witness a great night of Rock and Roll!!!

For those that weren’t there, I will attempt to entice you to be next time and support not only local acts, but great up and coming national bands that are gems to witness and see live in the flesh.

One of those bands is Nashville based, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. Since their early beginnings in 2009, main man Tyler Bryant (TB) has been climbing more steadfast than a stair master. Riding the big success of their self title sophomore record, the guys have had a chance to tour all over the world. While that in itself is a great feat, what’s even better was opening for such legends as AC/DC and Guns N Roses; and that is only the tip of the iceberg for these young cats.

I had a chance to talk to Tyler before the show at Sidetracks as we discussed life on the road, intentions of hitting more dates back here in the states, new album “Truth and Lies” that comes out on June 28th on Snakefarm Records and much more. Check out the video interview below!!! and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

After we set the ground rules for what The Shakedown is, what they have attained already and where they want to be, it’s time for the show to start.

If you recall our last write up at Sidetracks when Black Stone Cherry came to town last year, we pointed out the slight let down of the fanfare that came out that night, and yes mind you it was a Tuesday work night it still let a lot to be desired. Those guys deserved a little better turn out. But I digress.

This was The Shakedown’s first time hitting Huntsville, and while the turnout was small, again we acknowledge the venue is small to begin with, I thought the energy was there for those lucky enough to see them perform live. It sure as heck wasn’t missing from the band. You know a band is hungry when no matter the crowd size, they play each song with as much conviction as if they we’re relatively unknown.

Opening band The Georgia Thunderbolts took the stage first, and despite not being familiar with them personally, they put in a good show. Lead vocalist TJ Lyle has a pretty good range, and their brand of Southern Rock went well with the early crowd. If you get a chance to check out these guys, I suggest you go. Good young band that carries that Southern pride and influence in their music.

After their fiery set wined down, it was time for Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown to take flight. From our own reach throughout the world, we have been thankful to have checked out TB before in the UK on few dates which included small venues to festivals like Ramblin’ Man Fair. Our UK operations master had made the comment how much of a great live act they really are, and yes Adrian you we’re right on the money there mate.

What a way to start the night off then with a thundering new track of their up coming 3rd studio album titled “Drive Me Mad“, what a frenetic jump starter, the drums are bombastic, and TB rips it with a wicked tight riff.

Next comes “On To The Next“, first single off “Truth and Lies”, another memorable catch and hook chorus sees this single play very well with the locals. Very cool vibe on this one, if you have seen the video, sounds even better live. TB promised us we hear new material tonight, and he was right. It just so happened that earlier this day, we got the presser for their second single off “Truth and Lies”, in “Shock & Awe” and also saw their video premier; consider yourself lucky Huntsville you heard it being played here first. A very artistic touch on the video, and a deep sludge driven riff carries this tune throughout the new record. Cool tune to hear live, the whole band is tight here, check out the interview with more details on how the idea behind the video came about, you’ll be surprised to know that those scary mask aren’t that scary at all…

TB Shaking it Down!!!

The Shakedown are relentless this night, with their blues roots very noticeable in some of their music, saying that, they have also managed to evolve and progress with each record. Some of the fans favorites get more playing time in Huntsvegas, tunes like “Ramblin’ Bones”, “Weak n Weepin”, and “Don’t Mind The Blood” all add to their potent set this Friday Rock night!!!

I asked TB before the show if any cover tunes we’re going to be played this night, he once again was true to his word as they closed the night with a cover from one of his heroes in Tom Petty and “You Wreck Me”, or as the band put it on the setlist “Whatever TF We Feel Like”.

What a great night of Rock. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are not jumping on board with some of these great new Rock acts, you are doing yourself and these young and hungry bands a disservice. The whole band has great chemistry live, from the pounding battery assault of drummer Caleb Crosby, to the professionalism and cunning guitar riffage of guitarist Graham Whitford (yes son of legend Aerosmith Brad Whitford), to the obvious talent that is Tyler Bryant. Everything just clicks here and is easy to see why they have had such success on the road and why they are building a steady fan base and strong back catalog. You tally that up with being respected by it’s peers and compared to some of the best new Rock bands in the circuit today, Rival Sons, The Struts, etc, you can’t go wrong. Please check out these guys out live, you won’t regret it!!! Ohh and Tyler, next time lunch is on us okay? Rock On brothers!!! See you on the road!!!


7/1 – Philadelphia, PA  — Underground Arts
7/2 — New York, NY — Bowery Ballroom
7/3 — Dewey Beach, DE — Rusty Rudder   
7/6 — Toronto, ON — Lee’s Palace
7/7 — Detroit, MI — Shelter @ St. Andrews
7/9 — Chicago, IL — Lincoln Hall
7/11 — Denver, CO — Marquis Theater
7/13 — Telluride, CO — Ride Fest (Main)*
7/14 — Telluride, CO — Ride Fest (Night Ride)*
 *Festival Date; No Thomas Wynn






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