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RELEASED BY Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings

RELEASED DATE:  June 21st, 2019

GENRE: Progressive Rock



  1. Fight Or Flight
  2. Are We Soldiers
  3. Control Conquer Collide
  4. From Saviour To Assassin
  5. Orwellian Times
  6. Monsters
  7. Weight Of Humanity
  8. Fact Resistant Human
  9. The One Percent Disarm
  10. Depopulate


  • Brett Rerekura – Vocals
  • Dean Wells – Guitars
  • Jonah Weingarten – Keyboards
  • Andrew Cameron – Bass
  • Nick Ross – Drums

Melbourne based Progressive Rock band Teramaze are about to release their fourth album of their career, the second one via Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings. Although the band has been formed back in 1995 and have released three records, they are not still widely known to the audience.

With this new material, the Australian rockers hope to break more boundaries and get the place they deserve in the international music scene. For the needs of this project, Teramaze have rejoined forces with their original vocalist Brett Rerekura, which seems to have a particularly calm kind of voice that goes in contrast with the stronger melodies, fact that is not necessary negative. The songs that the band has composed show a great influence from the hard progressive field, but also present some long AOR kind of melodies.

Moreover, the group seems to be able to create some catchy and memorable tracks, even though it could be hard in case of complicated compositions as in progressive rock genre. The opening tune “Fight Or Flight” and the single “Weight Of Humanity” could be two examples of good quality songs. The album is composed by long duration instrumental parts and there are interesting tempo alterations. The guitar parts are sometimes more melodic, mostly in solos, but also more insidious at times.

Although the sound of the material is more than decent and the band has made an obvious effort in order to give birth to a record that is much major accessibility to the audience, the long length of the album itself could be a hard obstacle for the listener to overcome. This record is recommended for fans of the progressive genre and in the end, the Australian band show some positive elements that could bring them to the next level in the future. 

Ratings: 6/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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