Live Gig

Tesla rocks the Shepherds Bush Empire!

Words by Francijn Suermondt / Photos (c) Erik De’Viking

There is nothing quite like whipping yourself into a mix of excitement and nervousness when getting ready to interview a member of a band you have listened to and loved for 30 years.  Tesla were part of my teenage dirt-bag years, definitely part of the track to my courtship with my now husband and prevalent through the rest of my life to date, all the good times, bad times and times that have been VERY rock n roll indeed, have always had the boys from Sacramento playing in the background alongside Motley Crue and Poison.

After just having dried off from playing a muddy Download Festival two days before, Tesla were in the UK to ensure that all of their die-hard fans could hear some of their new ‘Shock’ album live, alongside their classics of course.  They were also in London to play a secret gig in probably the most famous recording studio in the world, but to find out more on that you will have to read my interview with Frank Hannon!

The first support act ‘Flashfires’ have a very charismatic front man in the shape of Alex Gonzato who reminded me of a sort of Michael Hutchence with a soupcon of Mark Slaughter thrown in for good measure.  The band obviously have exceptional talent in writing great rock songs and stands outs for me was ‘Circus Boy’ and the beautiful ‘Champagne On Mars’.  A super set from the boys really set the stage for the next support of ‘Wayward Sons’

And talking of Toby Jepson and his gang of long-haired rockers ‘Wayward Sons’, all I can say is I nearly choked on my coke when they came bounding on to the stage and blasted us with ‘Don’t Wanna Go’ …WOWZER!  Rock n roll really is alive and kicking!  The boys on the stage were obviously having the time of their life and in return the crowd dutifully shook their hair and wiggled their booties. With nine kick ass tunes played, each as uplifting and magnificently executed as the last, Wayward Sons are mesmerising to watch and a treat for any rockers ears.  As soon as I got back to my hotel I downloaded their album ‘Ghosts Of Yet To Come’ …. rather shamed faced that I hadn’t done so when it was released in 2017!  Can’t wait for what you have next for us ….. bring it on!

Ask anyone who has been to a gig that I have review with me and they will tell you, I always scribble notes in a little pad in between having a little boogie. But this is the FIRST time my notebook was made redundant. Not because I had nothing to say, but I was too enthralled with watching the Californian kings of down to earth hard rock ‘Tesla’ ramp it up right from the get go.  Helping me to bring back memories and providing plenty of new ones, this night was fast becoming one to remember.  I had listened to ‘Shock’ recently, before interviewing Dave Rude a couple of months ago and couldn’t wait to hear the new tracks live and I was not disappointed.

Opening with the superb ‘Tied To The Tracks’ from ‘Shock’ the boys from Sacramento bounded on to the stage to the cheering of the crowd, one of my favourites from the album, this has a classic 70’s rock feel and is the perfect start to what was to become the perfect set!

With the energy of Steven Tyler an