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Barbe-Q-Barbies ‘Borrowed Time’ Review

Released by: Dissonance Productions

Release Date: Out Now

 Genre:  Rock



Ekkis: guitar
Heidi, lead guitar
Minttu: bass
Niki: vocals
Niina: drums, bg vocals


  1. Intro 0:18
  2. Diz-Funk-tional 3:11
  3. Alive 4:43
  4. Hangman’s Song 2:54
  5. Made Of Scars 3:18
  6. Innocent 3:46
  7. Radio 3:24
  8. On And On 3:26
  9. Towers 2:57
  10. Borrowed Time 4:27

When I saw the name Barbe-Q-Barbies I admit, I wasn’t prepared to take it seriously. Despite having already released a couple of albums, I’d never heard of them. I honestly didn’t have any preconceived notions about their sound, I just had a feeling it wasn’t going to be my thing. I wasn’t even entirely sure if it was an all-female group or just some oddball name. When I spun Borrowed Time that first time I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a damn serious album performed by some damn serious musicians (gender inconsequential.)

Right off from the first full track after an intro, “Diz-Funk-tional,” I realized the band play hard hitting rock music with a hard edge and some serious injection of melodicism that show perhaps some slight AOR/Melodic Hard Rock influence. The “Barbies” are very meat & potatoes about their songs: short, concise, nothing super fancy, just direct, pure, and catchy. I like the fact they can do a track like “Alive,” a soulful track instilled with a darker sound to the more upbeat “Made of Scars” that is an instantly memorable riff and vocal line you find yourself singing along to almost from the first listen.

I was drawn back to this album quite a few times since it fell into my hands, and the more familiar I became with Barbe-Q-Barbies’ Borrowed Time the more I really loved it. I didn’t have to put a lot of effort into determining whether I was enjoying it or not because each time I found something else that caught my ear and made me dig it a little more. Even with my leanings towards more complex music on my average listening day, even I can appreciate a band that is totally unabashed about being a rock band. I mean, I am a KISS fan after all. I give it 8 out of 10

Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Chris Martin

My Global Mind – Senior Staff Writer

Chris Martin is a US based writer for My Global Mind, with an interest in hard rock and heavy metal in all its forms. A heavy contributor to the site, his work largely covers album and gig reviews.

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