The Laurence Jones Band release music video for blistering new track ‘I’m Waiting’



The Laurence Jones Band today dropped the electrifying video for their blistering first single ‘I’m Waiting’ which has been getting heavy air-play on UK Radio. Filmed at the Thornbridge Brewery, the video starts off with a tongue-in-cheek open night mic performance which opens up into the outstanding performance of Laurence and his incredible band. Watch it below:

Laurence Jones is back and is ready to tear up Europe with new self-titled album Laurence Jones Band. The accomplished new album, recorded in Miami, and produced by Gregory Elias is set for release on Friday 27th September 2019 on Top Stop Music via Sony. The first single form the album – I’m Waiting – is released on Friday 31st May and will also be available as an instant grat track when pre-ordering the album.

The Laurence Jones Band is comprised of Laurence Jones (vocals and guitar), Phil Wilson (drums), Bennett Holland (keyboard) and Greg Smith(bass). The Laurence Jones Band will take the album on tour in November and December 2019. Tickets for the Planet Rock Presents UK tour go on sale on Monday 3rd June via The Gig Cartel and Planet Rock.

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

Laurence Jones has been writing songs and releasing albums since 2012. During this time, the Blues Rock troubadour has been busy fine-tuning his sound playing to packed house across Europe, paving the way for a new generation of Blues rock performers, guitarists and singer songwriters.

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

Award winning guitarist, Laurence Jones says, “I’m really proud to bring you this new album, two years of hard work have gone into the planning and recording of it. I will let the music do the talking though and see you on the road at a show!”

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

The album will be available on CD, Vinyl, limited Deluxe Vinyl (coloured – Amethyst) and in the bundles – such as a deluxe bundle including the Signed Deluxe Edition Vinyl, Ltd Edition T shirt, Signed CD, Ltd Edition collectors badge set and signed photo of Laurence Jones Band. The album and bundles are available for pre-order now via

Laurence is often labelled as “the future of the blues.” He’s won several major awards and accolades and has sold over 50,000 albums across four albums. He’s supported the likes of Status QuoGary Clark JrGlenn Hughes, Kenny Wayne ShepherdJames BayVan MorrisonBuddy GuyRobert CrayJoe BonamassaJools HollandEric Burdon,and many more.

Credits (*All tracks except 10)
Music & Lyrics by: Jones, Holland, Smith, Wilson, and Elias
Published By: Stars and Songs Global Publishing (BMI)  
Vocals, Guitars: Laurence Jones 
Backing Vocals, Keyboards: Bennett Holland 
Drums, Percussion: Phil Wilson 
Bass Guitar: Greg Smith

*Track 10 
Music & Lyrics by: Lennon & McCartney
Published By: Sony/ATV LLC (ASCAP) 

Special Guest Backing Vocals: Di Reed (all except tracks 3 & 7)

Executive Producer: Jan Lagendijk
Producer: Gregory Elias

Engineer: Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil 
Mixed by: Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil, Gregory Elias
Vocal Coach: Guianko Gómez 
Mastering Engineer: Alex Psaroudakis

Recorded in Miami, FL, USA: Top Stop Music & GML Recording Studios

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham


Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham

1) Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

You get a feeling when you’re with someone that it’s not complicated and that everything’s as it’s meant to be. When I recorded it, I wanted the chorus lyrics to reflect the music of the song which is uplifting. It’s a positive theme that no matter what, you can get through life’s ups and downs together. ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ is about hope, positivity and getting through the bad times together.

2) Wipe Those Tears Dry

I hate to see anyone cry; this song came to me when I saw someone I love, crying. It’s about letting that person know that they are special and it’s reassuring someone when they’re sad that there’s no need to cry, they’re worth more than that and it’s okay to comfort them and remind them they’re worthy and do have a purpose and meaning, once in a while everyone needs to be reminded of that. This is my impression of this feeling of this song. Even if they’ve lost sight of it, feeling the chorus lyrics gives you comfort to try and wipe those tears dry for good.

3) I’m Waiting

This song’s a nuclear explosion of feeling and emotion, letting go and saying I’m ready, I’m waiting for whatever’s coming my way. Have you ever heard that phrase that good things come to those who wait? ‘I’m Waiting’ is about being patient but also being ready. I wanted the music to be energetic and on the edge like you’re on the cusp ready for what’s coming to you. It’s that fine line between being impatient and reaching out for what is yours. There’s only one way to end this song and that’s with a long ripping guitar solo.

4) Stay

‘Stay’ is about having a good time and letting go of all the other things around you, cherishing that moment and not wanting it to end. You’ve found the one and this song is an expression of asking someone to stay with you (right here with me) this song is inspired musically by the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. It has a steady rock pace that carries the story of the song.

5) Mistreated

‘Mistreated’ is my take on the blues, which means one thing – it’s about feeling ‘Mistreated’ and cheated in a relationship. I wanted the guitar to do a lot of talking in this song. The guitar is my voice and expression in this song. I wanted you – ‘The Listener’ – to feel the pain of being mistreated and let the guitar do the talking.

6) Quite Like You

It’s about knowing how lucky you are with the person you’re with and knowing you’re onto a good thing. The chorus celebrates this, and my special guest is Di Reed (Rod Stewart’s backing singer) I wanted this song to have an upbeat jive and a happy feel to it. I wrote this song after seeing Eric Clapton in Hyde Park in 2018. When I saw Eric with his backing singers, I knew I wanted Di to be a real feature on this song to emphasise the lyrics.

7) Long Long Lonely Ride

This is my bluesiest song on the album. I don’t often play acoustic guitar and it’s something I’ve wanted to put on a record in a long time. This song was recorded in one take with the vocals and the band. ‘Long Long Lonely Ride’ is about the challenges you will face in life and visually is about being on the road. Sometimes the road feels like it never ends. When I wrote this, I visually thought about putting my guitar in the back of the car, heading out on the highway to nowhere in particular. Life is a journey and can sometimes be a ‘Long Long Lonely Ride’.

8) Beautiful Place

‘Beautiful Place’ is my most personal song, I wrote this song for my Mum who has suffered with depression. I used to say to her sometimes the longest roads will lead you to a beautiful place. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and my Mum has come out on the other side now and I knew she would. Now she’s in a much stronger and beautiful place. This song goes out to anyone who’s suffering from depression out there, I hope you find your beautiful place.

9) Low Down

‘Low Down’ is my take on blind faith. Since Bennett Holland joined the band (Hammond organ and keys) as he’s a huge Stevie Winwood fan and I grew up listening to him too. I wrote the chorus to this song 5 years ago and kept it in my collection ever since. I felt like now was the right time to release it to the world and ‘Low Down’ is about turning your life around and getting up from the bottom and reaching for the top.

10) Day Tripper

My producer – Gregory Elias – had this amazing song idea to combine my influences of Stevie Ray Vaughn and The Beatles. This is a tribute to them. He had the idea to combine Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Cross Fire’ over The Beatles ‘Daytripper’. I always like to do something different as a cover and Gregory pushed me more than ever to do so. It was my most challenging song on the album, but it is a tribute to the people I grew up listening to and it’s my way of paying respect to them.

11) Heart Is On Fire

Is a continuation from my album ‘The Truth’ it is my poppiest song on the album and I’m proud that it made it on to the album because I like to show a variety of genres and not stick to just one. Although it is pop influenced, I still wanted the sound of this song to be vintage. We worked long and hard on this song in the studio. ‘My Heart Is On Fire’ – lyrically and musically – is about having a broken heart.

12) The Love

‘The Love’ is my ballad on the album. It’s a heartfelt song about ‘Love’ the lyrics are the simplest lyrics I’ve ever written. I guess sometimes love can be simple. I wanted this song to have a real soulful feeling. I kept jamming this song on soundcheck for a year and Bennett Holland, Gregory and I wrote the lyrics to this song. We all got together and put our emotions about how we think love should be.



Norwich, Waterfront Studio Friday 22 November
London, Oslo Saturday 23 November
Southampton, 1865 Sunday 24 November
Shoreham, Ropetackle Tuesday 26 November
Newcastle, The Cluny Saturday 30 November
Glasgow, Oran Mor Sunday 1 December
Sheffield, The Greystones Tuesday 3 December
Chester, The Live Rooms Wednesday 4 December
Birmingham, The Actress & Bishop Thursday 5 December
Porthcawl, Planet Rock Stock Friday 6 December
Leek, Foxlowe Arts Centre Saturday 7 December
Nottingham, The Bodega Sunday 8 December
Leeds, Lending Room Thursday 12 December
Manchester, Night & Day Friday 13 December


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