Moon Tooth reveal video for ‘Omega Days’

New York Progressive Metal band Moon Tooth have revealed the video for their latest single ‘Omega Days’ taken off their current album Crux, which has been named as one of the best 50 albums of the year so far by Rolling Stone Magazine. You can watch the video below.

Drawing comparisons to Mastodon, Gojira, and Living Colour, Chromaparagon’s aggressive, progressive sound possessed a soulfulness and swing that set it apart from the pack. Premier Guitar described the album with these words: “Unbridled turbulence. Dexterous metal riffing. Soulful vocals over layers of melodies and shifting rhythms… An epic journey through countless sonic realms.”

2019: the band now gears up for its next chapter. With pre-production handled by the dream team of Machine (King Crimson, Every Time I Die) and Lamb of God’s Mark Morton, and production by Moon Tooth drummer Ray Marté, sophomore album Crux harnesses Moon Tooth’s formidable musicianship into its strongest material to date.
With chops as lethal as those wielded by Moon Tooth’s four members – Marté, guitarist Nick Lee, bassist Vincent Romanelli, and vocalist John Carbone – many a band would fall prey to the lure of the jazz odyssey, but Moon Tooth proves its greatness by channeling its skills into concise, crankable anthems. The musical ground covered within just 3-5 minutes on Crux is astonishing, yet the band never loses sight of the big picture. The tech never overshadows the songcraft; Moon Tooth shred like assassins, but only in service of the songs. The result: Crux is an album that belongs equally to the passerby on the street and the musician practicing scales.

Moon Tooth’s unmistakable vibe flourishes on Crux: soaring vocals, fleet-fingered axe-slaying, and muscular rhythms (and polyrhythms) combine into glorious, hard-rocking hymns. Crux shows a deep respect for classic rock and heavy metal – Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rush, and Judas Priest are starting points from which the band zooms into outer space, leaving a trail of vivid, heavy, modern rock. Marté’s production, boosted by Machine’s and Morton’s input, puts a world-class shine on the sound, resulting in a feast of metallic crunch and ear-melting hooks.

Crux delivers on all of Moon Tooth’s early promise and will send this band hurtling forward along its path. Frontman John Carbone’s lyrics address this very situation – reaching the crossroads of a normal life and an artist’s life, and choosing to commit to the latter. He explains: “This album is about not giving up. It’s about the furious hope that brings fighters back to their feet again and again. Having answered the call to adventure, having grappled with what will surely be only the first set of trials, having sacrificed and lost so much, ‘Crux’ finds the band at a tipping point. There is nothing left but for the old life to die and the new, true life to begin.”

1) Trust
2) Omega Days
3) Through Ash
4) Musketeers
5) Thorns
6) Rhythm and Roar
7) Motionless in Sky
8) Thumb Spike
9) Awe at All Angles
10) Crux
11) Raise a Light (Epilogue)

John Carbone – vocals
Nick Lee – guitar & vocals
Vincent Romanelli – bass
Ray Marté – drums & vocals
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ray Marté at Westfall Recording Company, Farmdale, NY
Pre-production by Machine, Mark Morton, and Moon Tooth
Crux (2019, Modern Static Records)
Chromaparagon (2016, self-released)
Freaks EP (2013, self-released)


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