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Jared James Nichols burns down the house with the help of Vambo

It was a balmy summer night in London as I made my way to the Boston Music Rooms for what would prove to be a sensational night of blues-rock. While I knew Jared’s music, I’d never had the opportunity to see him live, but Vambo were a complete unknown to me, that is at least until they performed ‘Why Why Why’, which proved to be a song which had some healthy airplay on Planet Rock.

Taking to the stage, Vambo personify the 70s classic rock vibe and have a great sound. With supersonic vocals provided by Jack Stiles, searing guitar by Pete Lance, thundering drums by Steve Price, and amazing bass lines by James Scott, it is no wonder this quartet is set to open for Iron Maiden next year. Blasting through a blistering set of 11 songs which included a raucous Led Zeppelin medley, and an outstanding cover of Burn, these guys really worked the crowd and got everyone ready for the main event. Talk about a revelation!

Up next was the utterly superb Jared James Nichols. Playing an absolutely scintillating set of 12 songs which included current single ‘Nails In My Coffin’ and a stonking cover of ‘Mississippi Queen’ the Boston Music Rooms were filled with so much energy that I was certain the room would burst at any given moment. Joined by the incredible Ronnie Elvis James on bass, and the outstanding talents of Dennis Holm on the drums, these guys owned the stage for the remainder of the night, with Jared frequently going off into the crowd during solos, which only served to whip up the crowd even more so.

As the songs ratcheted up, so did the heat and the intensity that Jared and his band gave off, and it often felt like the audience was the fourth member throughout this amazing night of music. Giving what felt like a transformative performance, Jared really took his game to the next level, and it was perfectly clear why there is such a buzz about this genuinely talented, humble, and all-around nice guy. When the last note fell, it was clear everyone was set to leave on an incredible high thanks to the incredible two-and-a-half hours of dazzling music we had been treated to. What more can I say, it was an absolute master class in stage presence, showmanship, and musicianship that only left me wanting more.

Written by: Erik De’Viking

My Global Mind – UK Editor

Erik De’Viking is a London based freelance music journalist. His musical interests include music in all its forms, and he is constantly on the lookout for new bands and genres to discover and later preach about to the masses.

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