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L.A. Guns live at Sidetracks Music Hall, Huntsville, Alabama on July 14th, 2019

All Photos: Julius Richardson

Words: Shadow Editor



The clouds were getting darker, you can feel it in the wind, something was brewing. It was the remnants of Tropical storm Barry after it entered the Gulf of Mexico and moved northeast and out and about. This Sunday night we we’re to witness for the first time in their long career, a live performance by LA Hard Rockers, L.A. Guns.

The band has been touring relentlessly since their semi come back-record “The Missing Piece” in 2017, after a myriad of line up changes and different re-incarnation of the L.A. Guns moniker. it felt right to have Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns back together again for the first time in 14 years. Released through Frontiers Records, this one was very well received and welcomed back that patented L.A. Guns sound but with an edge. Fast forward to this year and “The Devil You Know” was released carrying forward more steam from their previous record.

Before the main event takes the stage, we are presented with local area band (Decatur), 53 Judges. Cool and young rockers who are representing the local scene, and we need to support this. The guys bring a ton of energy on stage with a mix of Metal/Rock/Grunge antics, they put on a good show. Too bad the guitar difficulties closed their set abruptly. In case you didn’t hear the last song, check out their social linked here for more.

Interestingly enough when it was time for Guns to take the stage, the band had been chilling in their tour bus outside of the venue. They just waltzed right in through a side door and got ready to hit the stage, mind you Sidetracks venue is small in size plus it was pouring down rain outside. Not sure the reason why this happened, but have not seen a band just stroll from the outside of this venue before, but okay sure let this night of Rocking begin, please!!!

Tracii was getting ready at the side of the stage, with his guitar locked and loaded he started soloing away before the band took the stage to crowd favorite “Over The Edge”, Guns guitar work is fantastic in this song, and his tone is mesmerizing. You can feel the energy disseminate throughout the venue. Later followed by two staples from their 1988 debut “Sex Action” and “No Mercy”. I immediately acknowledged the fact that Phil Lewis can still sing and sustain a high-quality performance. Not only did he feel right at home, but interacted with all the fans at the front.

Lewis decides to get cheeky by wearing a “devil” mask during, yep you guessed it, “The Devil You Know”, nice one Phil the Devil indeed went down to Huntsville this dark and gloomy Sunday evening.

It was good to hear a bit of “Crystal Eyes” a fan favorite from their “Hollywood Vampires” album back in 91 and later followed by Guns staple “The Ballad of Jayne”.

The rest of the band seemed tight as hell on this night, with not much space to move around here at Sidetracks, they make the most of rocking out with bassist Johnny Martin meaning business, newcomer guitar player Ace Von Johnson opposite Guns on other side of the stage and well known drummer Scot Coogan (Ace Frehley, Brides of Destruction) pounding his sweat on the drum kit to make this night a stimulating rocking evening that ended much too quickly.

The band closes the night with “Speed” and “Rip and Tear” to a much appreciated Lewis and company as he promised they would be back. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night, all fun and love on stage and at the end of the night they came the same way as they exited, right through the front of the venue. Good job Huntsville for a nice turn out on a craptastic weather day, keep it going.


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