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The Struts Brought the Heat to Sherman Theater Summer Stage at Mount Airy Casino Resort in PA 7/28/19!


Words and Photos by Robert Cavuoto




On an already hot and steamy Sunday night in the Poconos Mountains, The Struts turned up the heat a few more notches with their performance at Sherman Theater Summer Stage at Mount Airy Casino Resort in PA! Along with the heat, The Struts brought a level of excitement and fun to their diehard fans as well as the first-timers.

Poised on the cusp of greatness these British rockers are currently touring the US in supporting their latest CD, Young & Dangerous. The tour has boasted multiple sold-out shows making it one of the hottest concert ticket of the summer! The band consists of Luke Spiller [vocals], Adam Slack [guitar], Jed Elliott [bass], and Gethin Davies [drums].

Tonight The Struts hit this Pennsylvania crowd with their brand of melodic rock by cranking out song after song including; “Primadonna Like Me,” “Kiss This,” “Dirty Sexy Money,” “Body Talk,” “Fire (Part 1)” and ” Tatler Magazine.”When the magic of writing great songs have eluded many bands lately, it clearly shines strong with The Struts. They are a fresh throwback to when rock music was fun, carefree, and relevant. With no bad song on either of their CDs, the boys managed to put together an outstanding setlist. Midway through they even delivered a blazing version of David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” after an impromptu band meeting on stage to decide what they were going to play next! Witnessing today’s performance, you would have thought the band was playing Madison Square Garden with all the energy and passion they put into their live show! Performing like a well-oiled machine, each member worked in perfect harmony. All parts equally as important and intricate to the sum of the whole.

Clutching his gold microphone and drenched in sweat, Luke sang every song with passion and exuded rock-star charisma on par with Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie. His unmistakably soulful voice enhanced the mid-tempo rockers like “One Night Only” which he played on piano and drove the stadium anthems like “In Love with the Camera” home. He is a powerhouse vocalist that never tired despite the summer heat as he sang and danced his heart out!

Adam’s hard-edge guitar playing offered a lot of blues bravado giving the songs their tasteful edginess. The songs on the CDs are layered with guitar, and Adam delivered a one-man guitar show making all the intrigue nuances come to life. Jed took on the majority of the backing vocals and played bass nicely in the pocket of Gethin’s powerful drumming.

Somehow the band managed to overcome the heat without missing a beat and used whatever energy they had left after their 75-minute set to put into their closing song, “Could Have Been Me.” After tonight’ performance, you could argue who was having more fun; the fans or the band as it was an impressive show. The Struts are destiny to make a tremendous impact on the music industry and a spectacle on stage. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this band live now before you’re seeing them from the upper deck in arenas! To boot, $1 from every ticket will go to a local and national charity via Plus1 to help those in need.


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