Suicidal Angels – Years of Aggression Review

This is an exciting album, a perfect adrenaline piece of old school thrash metal......

Released by NoiseArt Records

Release date: August 9th, 2019

Genre : Thrash Metal


Line Up:

Nick Melissourgos – Vocals, Guitars

Orfeas Tzortzopoulos – Drums

Angel Lelikakis – Bass

Gus Drax – Guitars



1. Endless War

2. Born Of Hate

3. Years Of Aggression

4. Bloody Ground

5. D.I.V.A.

6. From All The One

7. Order Of Death

8. The Roof Of Rats

9. The Sacred Dance With Chaos


Suicidal Angels are one of the most important and experienced thrash metal bands of the new generation. Formed in Athens, Greece by mastermind Nick Melissourgos eighteen years ago, the band is ready to release their seventh studio album “Years Of Aggression” by NoiseArt Records.

The Athenians have recorded their latest thrash metal assault and they seem to have composed their best material in their music career. Their influences by old school bands of the genre is very evident among their songs, but the listener can also notice the precision of their riffs and melodies while listening to the whole new record. The greek thrashers have gained a lot of experience by touring with the biggest names of the heavy metal scene and they are very much appreciated by the most famous bands in the field.

The album includes nine fresh and high-quality tunes and this is undoubtedly a joy for the ears of the fans of the classic era of thrash metal. From the first notes of the intro track “Endless War,” the excellent guitar work on the riffs, solos, and the explosive drumming Orfeas Tzortzopoulos are in the leading role. The following “Born of Hate”, one of the best songs on the album, is brought to the next level by the aggressive and effective vocal range of Nick Melissourgos, a very experienced thrash metal frontman. The dominant element of these songs is the memorable hook, the refrain that remains in memory from the first listening effort.

The recipe remains the same in the title track, which is followed by the absolute highlight of the album entitled “Bloody Ground”. After an impressive melodic guitar intro, the Greek thrash machine returns at full speed, with an explosive atmosphere created by the amazing interpretation by the leader of the band and the high-quality guitar riffs. The song ends with a melodic guitar part showing another side of the Greek band and their effort of adding different elements to their music. The solidity of the record continues with “D.I.V.A.” and “From All The One”, with a top-rated guitar solo and the brutality of the vocals in the first role. The final section starts with “Order Of Death” and “Roof Of Rats”, two high-speed pieces of thrash attack, but the spectacular ending with “The Sacred Dance With Chaos” takes the band to another dimension. Starting with a melodic guitar part that could give the impression of a hard rock power ballad, the track evolves in an amazing mid-tempo heavy smasher where the atmosphere is dominated by death metal elements. “Years Of Aggression” is the product of an experienced group of musicians who gave birth to a thrash metal masterpiece that can be listened to its entirety in one breath.

This is an exciting album, a perfect adrenaline piece of old school thrash metal which gives the right energy and emotions to the listener right from the start. Innovation and original elements are rare to find among the songs, the sound of the greek band reminds of many of the biggest names of the category, but still, there is an obvious effort to create their trademark. This is the living proof of the fact that Suicidal Angels are one of the most important bands of the new generation which have reached a high level of maturity. They will keep the legacy of the classic groups of the genre alive in the future.


Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer



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