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Twilight Force – Dawn Of The Dragonstar Review

Released by Nuclear Blast Records

Release date: August 16th, 2019

Genre : Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Fantasy Metal


Line Up:

Alessandro Conti – Vocals

Daniel Sjögren – Drums

Philip Lindh – Guitars, Lute

Jocke Leandro Johansson – Guitars

Dunder Björn Lundqvist – Bass

Daniel Beckman – Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Cembalo



1. Dawn Of The Dragonstar

2. Thundersword

3. Long Live The King

4. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns

5. Winds Of Wisdom

6. Queen Of Eternity

7. Valley Of The Vale

8. Hydra

9. Night Of Winterlight

10. Blade Of Immortal Steel


Swedish power metal band Twilight Force known for their high fantastical lyrics are ready to release their third opus entitled “Dawn Of The Dragonstar” under the major label Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s main lyrical themes are based on the stories of a fictional world known as The Twilight Kingdoms, created by keyboardist Daniel Beckman. This new album was again recorded in the group’s own Twilight Forge studio and it presents ten new stories to their loyal fans of the genre.

This is the first studio project with the participation of the Italian singer Alessandro Conti, known for his collaboration with Luca Turilli in the past. The record consists of ten journeys throughout the Twilight Kingdoms, narrations of stories, legends, and prophecies. The tales of heroes, queens, and kings, magicians, mythical places, and ancient monsters are included in the main theme of the songs. All the stories are surrounded by epic power and symphonic metal melodies with major use of different kinds of instruments like the lute and cembalo.

The Scandinavian team is also known for the costumes they wear during their live performances based also on their stories and according to them, their music could be defined as “Adventure Metal”. The music of the band has a lot of classic power metal elements which remind of legendary groups like Helloween, but there are many arrangements similar to a fantasy movie soundtrack, which are closer to the Italian band Rhapsody. As far as the lyrics are concerned, there seemed to be an improvement in comparison to their two previous albums, even though the main concept remains the same. There is a diffuse optimism given by the ethereal atmosphere which is very close to the style of Freedom Call. Moreover, the long duration of guitar solos and epic melodies at times together with the opera cores which give more emphasis to the high vocal range of the Italian performer give a major pomposity to the whole album, which sometimes gets close to the limits of exaggeration. “Queen Of Eternity”, “Winds Of Wisdom” and “Night Of Winterlight” could be picked as the highlights of the record with the title track and “Love Live The King” following at close range. The last and the longest track “Blade Of Immortal Steel” could be considered as the best sample of the high level of ability and technique of the musicians of the band.

The positive feelings and the optimistic attitude are guaranteed by “Dawn Of The Dragonstar”, a highly recommended album for fans of epic fantasy metal.


Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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