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Z2 Comics Delivers Powerful Graphic Novels by Andy Biersack & Skillet!


Words by Robert Cavuoto


Z2 Comics has collaborated with some of the hottest musical acts in order to deliver graphic novels to their fans. Original stories created by the artists coupled with high quality and unique illustrations, which bring each story to life. Two comics in the rock genera that are currently available are The Ghost of Ohio by Andy Biersack and Eden; A Skillet Graphic Novel by the band Skillet. Visit to purchase these as well as other titles.

The Ghost of Ohio is written by Andy Black (aka Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides) and Scott Tuft along with artist Eryk Donovan. The story embodies the myth in Southern Ohio about an apparition that seeks to live again. Taking place over 100 years ago, The Ghost of Ohio follows the titular spectre as he tries to unravel the mystery of his own death and fights to return to the earthly plane. There are a few personal references and similarities to Andy’s formidable years growing up in Ohio, but this is not autobiographical. The graphic novel’s illustrations are very traditional looking as Andy wanted something in line with his favorite KISS Marvel comic from the 70s. There’s also a powerful companion CD of the same name which makes for an outstanding offering of sight and sound for his fans.

Eden; A Skillet Graphic Novel is written of John Cooper, the lead singer the rock band Skillet and Random Shock along with artist Chris Hunt. Eden is a tale of redemption and finding light in the darkness. It’s a highly suspenseful and intriguing story that incorporates the band members as the main characters; John Cooper and Korey Cooper portray the husband and wife along with Seth Morrison an ex-solider and Jen Ledger as a cyborg. The artwork perfectly delivers the look and feel of grim post-apocalyptic world.

John and Korey are living in a time when the Earth has been ravaged of its natural resources. From increased mining deep into the Earth’s core, monsters begin to appears from these tunnels and prey on the people. As this is going on, a group of religious zealots looking for the doorway to paradise come knocking to the Cooper’s home. Pretending to offer enlightenment regarding the couples reoccurring dreams about this doorway, they actually steal the only resource the town has in order to protect themselves against the monsters. With the help of Seth and Jen; John and Korey join forces to hunt for the zealots in the barren highways and crumbling skyscrapers to uncover the secrets of Eden and retrieve this priceless commodity. There is also a song, “Dreaming of Eden” by Skillet that can be downloaded through a QR code on the graphic novel.


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