Hotel Toledo is the unique new album release from RHR (Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross). Recorded entirely live in one studio session on a day off during their last UK tour, the ‘three brothers’ Troy, Jack and Mike (with Jack ‘Ulysses’ Browning and Darren Lee on bass and drums) have produced a brand new set of seven completely new and improvised instrumentals with each one being created from scratch out on the studio floor while the recording light was red.

The magical chemistry familiar to those who have managed to catch them live explodes out of the speakers from the first note and an exciting and hair-raising musical conversation continues for the next hour. The three guitars weave, intermingle and soar in turn with each of the consummate guitarists unique voices holding equal sway. This wild, unfettered musical journey will take you from the high northern deserts to the dark southern swamps and everyplace between.

Co-produced by Mike, who says of the recording ‘I wanted to create a space where each of us could play our hearts out about so I pre-planned with producer Paul Winn exactly how to set up studio – everything from the positioning of amps to the exact mics I wanted to use on the drums. This meant we wasted very little time in getting ready to, allowing us to concentrate on the music with a minimum of interference’.

‘This was a no headphones, all live performance of brand new material with each of us able to see, hear and feel each others presence in the same space without distraction’ adds Troy. ‘It’s unique – I’m really proud of it’ was Jacks comment. Hotel Toledo is also Jack’s ‘swan song’ as he abdicates his position with the band, intent on bowing out at the end of 2019. Troy and Mike are currently holed up in a secret location high in the Brecon Beacons discussing exactly which hairy guitar slinging singer will take Jacks place. There is a very short shortlist of long haired badasses to work with but rest assured they’re working hard to select the right one.

With inspiration for the title and musical themes coming from Spanish language, art & culture and a stunning cover art by Nowhere Man Design the new RHR album Hotel Toledo releases worldwide through TALLER RECORDS on digital and limited edition Digipak CD on Friday 8th November 2019.


1 – El Sueña del Águila (A dream of Eagles)
2 – Pintura de Luna (Painting the Moon)
3 – Tres Hermanos (Three Brothers)
4 – Hotel Toledo
5 – Banda Sonora (Soundtrack)
6 – Flores Rojas (Red Flowers)
7 – Tres Hermanos (Reprise)

All Tracks composed by Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross


Troy Redfern Guitar (Right speaker)
Jack J Hutchinson Guitar (Middle)
Mike Ross Guitar (Left speaker)
Ulysses Browning Bass
Darren Lee Drums
Produced by Paul Winn & Mike Ross
Recorded at Electric Studios, Brighton & Hove, May 2019
Artwork by NoWhereManDesign

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