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Carnifex – Wolrd War X Review

Released by Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date : August 2nd, 2019

Genre : Deathcore


Line Up:

Scott Ian Lewis – Vocals

Shawn Cameron – Drums

Jordan Lockrey – Guitars

Cory Arford – Guitars

Fred Calderon – Bass



1. World War X

2. Visions Of The End

3. This Infernal Darkness

4. Eyes Of The Executioner

5. No Light Shall Save Us

6. All Roads Lead To Hell

7. Brushed By The Wings Of Demons

8. Hail Hellfire

9. By Shadows Thine Held


San Diego deathcore band Carnifex has released their seventh offering entitled “World War X” via Nuclear Blast Records. The American band has published nine new brutal, bloody tracks as a sequel to the acclaimed “Slow Death” of 2016. The deathcore quintet has already established their own brand with a major complexity in their compositions. This achievement has definitely brought them to approach a bigger audience and give a new breath to their genre.

The group has already proved to have kept an open mind for what songwriting is concerned: the much more blackened deathcore combined with many melodic and symphonic parts give a major listenability to their material, facts already obvious with their previous successful Nuclear Blast release. Moreover, the solid work of the guitar duet in the riffs and solos in combination with effective bass and drum parts are the main reason for their success.

The professional production and mixing by the giant record label give a major explosiveness to the whole material, making it possible to identify every single instrument and place the voice of Scott Ian Lewis in the first role. The title could give the false impression of dealing with a concept album, even though the new studio effort keeps its own identity from start to finish by representing the vision of internal struggles and challenges through the lens of war. In these forty minutes of absolute negativity between war, death and human degradation, Carnifex has managed to give a dark, apocalyptic mood to their sound, with a theatrical atmosphere mixed with emotional overload.

The opening song and title track is a synthesis of speed and compact rhythm sections alternated with exceptional breakdowns, showing what the band knows best. “Visions Of The End” brings major fierce to the record with the amazing performance of the frontman. One of the most outstanding tracks which also defines what the album is about is “This Infernal Darkness”, a highly emotional tune with an amazing interlude of the classical piano which gives an intense melancholic sensation to the listener. The speed goes back to the starting level with “Eyes Of The Executioner” but the force of Carnifex returns with an amazing groove, which gives out more elements of the identity of the band. Alissa White-Gluz is the first important guest to appear in the record in a duet with Scott Ian Lewis in “No Light Shall Save Us”, giving the impression of a contest in death growls between the two great performers.

The following “All Roads Lead To Hell”, a solid composition of furious speedy riffs and concrete breaks, give the right space for the virtuoso Angel Vivaldi to place his solos. The most melodic part of the album is given by “Brushed By The Wings Of Demons”, but still “Hail Hellfire”, a sample of heavier sound full of blast beats and the final track “By Shadows Thine Held” represent the emotional acceptance of a world gone bad, which can only be revived by the brutality of the Carnifex sound.

“World War X” is a compact and precise death metal record, the result of the professional experience, performance and composing abilities of the members of the band. Carnifex has given birth to a more convincing material than their previous release which has already received positive reviews. Undoubtedly, this record could be accepted by a major heavy metal audience. Even if there is no evidence of original ideas in comparison with “Slow Death”, “World War X” is certainly the most concrete album release of the American band in their almost fifteen years of a music career.


Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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