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Hatriot – From Days Unto Darkness Review

Released by: Massacre Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Thrash Metal



Line Up:

Cody Souza – Lead Vocals / Bass
Kosta Varvatakis – Lead Guitars / Vocals
Kevin Paterson – Guitar / Vocals
Nick Souza – Drums



1. One Less Hell
2. Daze Into Darkness
3. Carnival of Execution
4. Organic Remains
5. World, Flesh & Devil
6. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
7. In the Mind of the Mad
8. Delete
9. Ethereal Nightmare


Sometimes I feel like nepotism in the music world is something best left out of the equation. There has been a handful of superstar offspring creating something worth checking out, but sometimes I feel like they’re simply trying to ride on the coattails of their famous parent. In the case of the band Hatriot, I might have to give them a pass. Cody and Nick Souza are the progeny of Steve “Zetro” Souza, the Thrash Metal legend of Exodus. If I am being honest I’d only heard the name Hatriot when I first checked out the album From Days Unto Darkness without hearing a note of music. I played the album and was immediately struck by the old school feel of the songs. Once I saw the pedigree of the band it sort of made sense.

I’ve been a Thrash fan since pretty early on in its inception; everything from the Bay Area to New York to Germany and all points between, I’ve absorbed a fair share of this genre (and still do.) Despite being deeply rooted in the old school sound of say Exodus and Overkill, Hatriot has taken what they’ve learned from the greats and turned it into a sound of their own. Whether you love the vintage sound of 80’s Thrash or looking to hear it delivered in a new way I feel like From Days Unto Darkness does a fairly good job of encapsulating both with songs like “Daze Into Darkness,” “World Flesh Devil,” and “Ethereal Nightmare.” Some pretty intense and innovative riffing delivered in a breakneck pace sure to cause whiplash in even the most seasoned headbanger, and songs that burrow into your brain demanding to be played again and again.

It’s been a while since I have heard a Thrash album that I felt so strongly about. Some bands try too hard to be nostalgic while others try to push the boundaries a little out there. Hatriot has managed to find a nice balance between the two, keeping the genre sharp and vibrant with From Days Unto Darkness. Even without the name Souza, this would be a band worth giving a shot.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10




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