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Lord – Fallen Idols Review

Released by: Dominus Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Lord Tim – (lead vocals/guitars)
Andy Dowling (bass/backing vocals)
Mark Furtner (guitars/backing vocals)
Darryl Murphy (drums)



United (Welcome Back)
Fallen Idols
Wilder than the Wind
Nod to the Old School
Chaos Raining
The Edge of the World
Counting Down the Hours
Kill or be Killed
Master of Darkness


Had it not been for ProgPower a few years ago, I might never have ever known the band Lord. They’re Australia’s longest-running Metal band (dating back to when they were called Dungeon) and are one of those rare breeds of Metal bands that pretty much run the gamut stylistically of what they’re capable of. Not only was I lucky enough to see them at ProgPower I also got to review their last album which was a live document of that show. Now Lord and I are back- they with a new album and me with another review.

The album is called Fallen Idols and from my first few listens I knew it was going to be an essential album in my collection. This is easily one of the strongest albums I’ve heard this year from a riff/guitar standpoint. It is full of chugging, driving licks with deft and speedy solos. Along with the strong guitar work, some fantastic songs range from the pummeling metallic to the melodic and powerful. “Chaos Raining,” “Immortal,” “Nod To The Old School,” and “Counting Down the Hours” certainly demonstrate a Metal band not afraid to toss off the confines of being pigeon-holed into a particular style. Lord does have a definite sound all their own.

Perhaps it’s the remoteness of their location, but Lord has always felt like a fairly unique band. There are elements here and there that show influences on their sound, but for the most part, they sound like Lord. They continue to push the envelope sonically and will likely never stop. Fallen Idols is an incredible album showing them at the top of their game.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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