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Pedophile Priests release new video and announce album release date

Dublin-based Pedophile Priests have premiered the much-awaited first single “Przeminęła” from their forthcoming sophomore album entitled “Cancer”, due for release on November 8th 2019 (full release details below).

The title of the first single “Przeminęła” roughly translates from Polish to English as “Passed”, and the lyrics, which are also in Polish, deal with the challenges posed by the passing of youth and beauty, particularly for women, and the transience of life.

The epic music video was conceived, directed, filmed and edited by Olga Kuzmenko (, and stars Jody Murray as the lead actress alongside members of the band and several extras.

Pedophile Priests Biography:

Pedophile Priests was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2014 by guitarist Piotr “Niemiec” Niemczewski. Piotr’s metal approach to music writing and his guitar technique were perfected throughout the years in death metal bands such as Mortis Dei, Puki ‘Mahlu and Lady Maggot. Work on a first album was finished with the help and input of session drummer – Łukasz Krzesiewicz (Esqarial, Sammath Naur, Gnida, Crionics).

In this line-up, in spring 2015, Pedophile Priests finished recording their full-length debut album entitled ‘Dark Transgression of the Soul“. Also in spring 2015, former musician of Thy Worshiper – Krystian “Kruszon” Mistarz joined the band as a permanent drummer.

In August 2015, the band signed a record deal with Metal Scrap Records. Metal Scrap Records released the debut album entitled “Dark Transgression of the Soul” worldwide on December 7th 2015.

Since January 2016, Pedophile Priests have been playing regular gigs. In October 2016, The Pedophile Priests crew supported Polish metal legend KAT on part of their Irish and UK tour. In 2017/2018, the band started composing and recording new material and in the meantime supported another polish metal legend – Quo Vadis on their Irish tour.

In the spring of 2019, the band finished work on their second album entitled “Cancer“, which will be released by Metal Scrap Records worldwide on November 8th. In the meantime, the band finished work on a video clip for the first single entitled “Przeminęła”. The video was directed and produced by Olga Kuzmenko will be released on September 6th.

Pedophile Priests are:

Piotr „Niemiec“ Niemczewski – guitars and vocals
Krystian „Kruszon“ Mistarz – drums

Album Release Details:

Album title: “Cancer”
Release date: November 8th
Singles release dates:
“Przeminęła” – Official Single & Music Video – September 6th
“Pedophile Priests” – Official Single & Lyrics Video – October 4th
“Mr. Gray” – Official Single & Music Video – November 8th (album release date).
Label: Metal Scrap Records

1. Dublin Walking Dead
2. Children of the Transformation
3. World Disassembled
4. Pedophile Priests
5. Przeminęła
6. Live Own Way
7. Entropy of Creatures on Earth
8. Modern Capitalism
9. The Path of Aisha
10. Mr. Gray
11. Zejście w Zaświaty

Promo photos credit: Johanna Rubezahl

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