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RAM – The Throne Within Review

Released by Metal Blade Records

Release Date: September 13th, 2019

Genre: Heavy Metal



Morgan Petterson – Drums

Oscar Carlquist – Vocals

Harry Granroth – Guitars

Tobias Petterson – Bass

Martin Johnsson – Guitars



1. The Shadowwork

2. Blades Of Betrayal

3. Fang And Fur

4. Violence (Is Golden)

5. The Trap

6. No Refuge

7. Spirit Reaper

8. You All Leave

9. Ravnfell


This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Swedish band RAM and Metal Blade Records presents their new studio album entitled “The Throne Within”. The Scandinavian five-piece group has stayed loyal to their principles through their years of activity, without deviations from their classic Heavy Metal sound influenced mostly by bands like Judas Priest and Accept. Their music is enriched with some power metal elements and even though there are practically no variations from their roots, this new release shows some improvements that define it as their most complete one ever.

For starters, the production has much better quality, in addition to improved mixing of the record. There is also given more emphasis to the guitar parts and the vocals have a much higher quality than the previous releases. Even the songwriting is much more effective with better-written hooks and melodies, showing the band’s intentions to give a better icon to their efforts. Moreover, the presentation of the album is well promising for the quality of the material.

Album number six of the Swedish team includes some speed classic metal bullets, like the opening “The Shadowwork” and “Violence (Is Given)”. “Blades Of Betrayal” is another Heavy Metal dynamite, while some eighties sounding tracks like “The Trap” and “Spirit Reaper” with a catchy chorus stand as a reminder of the classic metal eras. Moreover, there are some epic sounding songs like “Ravnfell” and “Fang And Fur”. The tracklist is completed by the long headbanging tune “No Refuge” and the moody slower “You All Leave”.

Even though the RAM’s efforts of improvement of their material and their courage to bring an old school heavy metal record in the modern world are very much appreciated, still the strong influence of British classic bands is imprinted on their songs. “The Throne Within” is a good quality record, which could please for sure the fans of Rob Halford’s team. Even though it will not change the history of heavy metal, it’s an enjoyable easy listening offering, but also easily forgettable. Finally, it could have a negative impact on a big part of the audience that looks for more original kind of material.


Ratings: 6/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer



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