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Tom Keifer – Rise Review

Released by Cleopatra Records

Release Date: September 13th, 2019

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock


Line Up:

Tom Keifer – Vocals, Guitars

Kory Myers – Keyboards

Tony Higbee – Guitars

Billy Mercer – Bass

Jarred Pope – Drums

Savannah Keifer – Vocals, percussions

Kendra Chantelle – Vocals, percussions



1. Touching The Divine

2. The Death Of Me

3. Waiting On The Demons

4. Hype

5. Untitled

6. Rise

7. All Amped Up

8. Breaking Down

9. Taste For The Pain

10. Life Was Here

11. You Believe In Me


Six years after his amazing debut solo album “The Way Life Goes”, the master of blues-rock Tom Keifer is back with “Rise” labeled Cleopatra Records. The talented singer and musician known as the leader of the legendary band Cinderella have dominated the radio airwaves for years and his amazing solo career is full of pure rock n’roll goodness. Tom Keifer is a prolific songwriter and with these eleven new tracks, he shows his love and dedication to his music, making “Rise” an album worth the wait.

The album starts strongly with “Touching The Divine”, with great bluesy guitar work and with those Tom Keifer trademark howls that remind of the sounds of his previous band. “The Death Of Me” talks about overcoming the obstacles of life without giving up in a darker, but elegant song, a strong reminder of the glorious past of Cinderella. The raw vocals of Keifer are the secret of the power of this track. While “Waiting On The Demons” starts with an acoustic style, this amazing rock ballad has a seventies mood with a hint of gospel. The following “Hype” has an incredible crunchy work on guitars and some great backing vocals, while “Untitled” has the fuzzy kind of vocals and the guitar work of an early days Aerosmith song.

It’s time for the title track and the piano introduction, another song about facing back the negative situations of life. “All Amped Up” is a hard rock anthem, perfect for great live shows, while an easy opening “Breaking Down” falls into a rock bluesy sound. One of the best moments of the record is “Taste For The Pain”, a piece of excellent songwriting, while an uplifting fun tune “Life Was Here” gives space for the final “You Believe In Me”, an acoustic tender song dedicated to his wife Savannah.

“Rise” is a great piece of work full of messages about love, hope, and redemption. The dedication and care that Tom Keifer puts into keeping his voice in shape to give these powerful vocal interpretations of his songs and the high quality of songwriting are the keys for the success of this record. After going through his health adventures, lawsuits and his band’s breaking up, “Rise” is the comeback album that fans have been waiting for, a pure expression of Tom Keifer’s love for rock n’roll!


Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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