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Danny Bryant – Means Of Escape review

Genre: Blues Rock 

Label: Jazzhaus Records

Release Date: Out Now 

Track Listing:

Tired Of Trying
Too Far Gone
Means Of Escape
Nine Lives
Skin and Bone
Warning Signs (In Her Eyes)
Where The River Ends
Hurting Time

Danny Bryant, the UK based blues guitarist has been playing professionally since the age of 18 and it shows with his latest studio album ‘Tired Of Trying’.  His credentials are outstanding, including a stint fronting Walter Trout’s band on a 5-week tour of the USA & Canada.

‘Tired Of Trying’  opens this blues-based treat like it means it,  with killer blues guitar and raunchy stripper drums.  This unbelievable strong opening track has vocals from Danny Bryant in full throttle and offers you the perfect tempter to draw you in to the rest of the album.

‘Too Far Gone’ hands us a slower, jazz laced feel with this blues track, think an emotionally drenched Billie Holliday combo with Stevie Ray Vaughan and you won’t be too far off the mark.

This album works seamlessly with the thread of the outstanding blood of rhythm from Danny’s guitar pumping through its veins.

The title track of ‘Means of Escape’ is a nicely tempo-ed blues treat whilst ‘Nine Lives’ has the gyrating flavour of spit and sawdust, whisky soaked, bar room, late night shenanigans.

‘Skin and Bone’ is a beautifully constructed simply divine offering with Danny his guitar and a whole barrel of emotion initially, which opens out with haunting periodic slide guitar accompaniment.  Probably my favourite track of the album, along with those of ‘Tried Of Trying’, ‘Where The River Ends’ and ‘Myra’.

‘Warning Signs’ is the quintessential, bad woman, blues song with a splendid smattering of Jon Lord-esque keyboardage!

‘Where the River Ends’ is another stunningly beautiful example of just how tender the vocals from Danny can be, his range from gravelly blues in other tracks right through to this gorgeous song is simply outstanding.

‘Hurting Time’ and ‘Myra’ round off this album to perfection.  With ‘Myra’ sealing the deal with instrumental perfection and bringing the goose-bumps out in droves….just delicious!

With vocals that are clear and concise, but non the less blues drenched and emotionally charged for that and stunning musicianship, this album hands you deep and dirty grooves one minute and then spine-tingling beauty the next.  You will never get tired of listening to this treat, use it as your very own ‘Means Of Escape’ ….get your headphones on, turn it up, close your eyes and let the hairs stand up on your arms with delight.

SCORE: 8 out of 10

REVIEWER: Francijn Suermondt



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