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Creed – Human Clay 20th Anniversary Vinyl Release Review

Released by: Craft Recordings

Release date: October 11, 2019


Band Members:

Scott Stapp [vocals]

Mark Tremonti [guitar]

Brian Marshall [bass]

Scott Phillips [drums]


Track Listing: 


Side A

1. Are You Ready?

2. What If

3. Beautiful


Side B

1. Say I

2. Wrong Way

3. Faceless Man


Side C

1. Never Die

2. With Arms Wide Open

3. Higher


Side D

1. Wash Away Those Years

2. Inside Us All



With vinyl records coming back with a vengeance, Craft Recordings is pleased to announce the reissue of Creed’s Human Clay on vinyl! It marks the first vinyl availability of the album since a limited edition pressing in 1999.

This 20th-anniversary edition of one of the best-selling albums of all time will be available on October 11th. It’s housed in a gatefold jacket in all its colorful glory with a two-LP set on black vinyl.

Creed is Scott Stapp [vocals], Mark Tremonti [guitar], Brian Marshall [bass], and Scott Phillips [drums], and together they deliver heartfelt lyrics, beautiful melodies, strong vocals, and powerful guitar riffs. Human Clay continues to offer a vastness of meaning with its thought-provoking lyrics.

Driven by the anthemic first single “Higher,” the band’s Diamond-certified sophomore album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, quickly making them one of the biggest bands in the world, and going to sell over 20 million units worldwide. Human Clay also includes hits “What If,” “Are You Ready?” and the Grammy-winning single “With Arms Wide Open.” This album is a testament to the superb musicianship of its members who were looking to achieve a higher quality of songs.

I’ve heard these songs thousands of times on CD, but this vinyl release brings back the same feeling when I heard them the first time. The eleven tracks are faithful to the original’s intent. Mark’s guitar is clear distinct while Scott’s vocals soars. The bass and rhythm are not drowned out by the leads, and the drumming is powerful and hard-hitting. The vinyl is smooth and quiet, which allows it to sound more open and dimensional. I discovered numerous guitar runs and riffs that I never knew existed with the vinyl. I compared it to the CD on my system and discovered how much better the vinyl sounds with its nice top end, and deeper, more dynamic sound. Craft Recordings did not miss a beat in delivering a high-quality release. The artwork on the cover is not a photographic reproduction like so many vinyl releases have; it is clear, sharp, colorful, and bold. There is no better way to enjoy this impressive release then hearing it on vinyl and staring at the jacket for hours as we used.

Like a fine wine, Human Clay gets better with each listen. It has become nostalgia that is engrained in our musical fibers. It is the soundtrack to the 90s that can now live on with this impressive vinyl release. Thankfully, Craft Recordings has made this dream a reality.


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Score 9 out of 10





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