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Kiefer Sutherland, Reckless & Me (Special Edition) – Review & 2020 UK Tour dates

Label: BMG Rights Management GmbH

Genre: Americana \ Country 

Release Date: September 27 2019

Touring Line Up:

Austin Vallejo, guitar,

Joseph De La O, bass,

Jess Calcaterra, drums,

Phil Parlapiano, you name it.. Phil plays it!

Track Listing:

  1. Open Road
  2. Something You Love
  3. Faded Pair of Blue Jeans
  4. Reckless & Me
  5. Blame It on Your Heart
  6. This Is How It’s Done
  7. Agave
  8. Run to Him
  9. Saskatchewan
  10. Song for a Daughter

Bonus Disc:

  1. Can’t Stay Away [Live In Berlin]
  2. Something You Love [Live In Berlin]
  3. Reckless & Me [Live In Berlin]
  4. Faded Pair of Blue Jeans [Live In Berlin]
  5. Open Road [Live In Berlin]
  6. Blame It on Your Heart [Live In Berlin]
  7. Saskatchewan [Live In Berlin]
  8. Not Enough Whiskey [Live In Berlin]
  9. This Is How It’s Done [Live In Berlin]
  10. Honey Bee [Live In Berlin]Tom Petty cover
  11. Down in a Hole [Live In Berlin]
  12. Agave [Live In Berlin]
  13. Rebel Wind [Live In Berlin]

Kiefer Sutherlands second album, the 10-song ‘Reckless & Me’, was actually released earlier this year, shooting straight to the top of the country music charts and garnering some seriously impressive reviews. Now, with a UK tour in full swing that concludes at London’s prestigious Shepherds Bush Empire, we get to experience the album again with the added bonus (in this special edition) of a full live show recorded on March 1, 2019 at SchwuZ in Berlin, Germany.

For those that think this might just be a vanity exercise from an actor who just wants to play guitar on stage with his friends, then its time to stop, take stock and reevaluate the output from a seriously talented person whose history sits more closely with the sounds on this album than perhaps a career in acting does. When you appreciate that the album title is based upon his time as a professional rodeo rider and that Reckless is not just a state of mind but the horse he used to take to the events then the content behind the songs starts to open up and to your average hard working American, some of the songs will really hit home.

He dives firmly into the territory that will allow blue collar workers to wholly relate to dealing with the tougher times [Something You Love] when the companies they work for are struggling, lay offs are more common and that moment of inspiration when the head either tells you to give up or fight for the thing that really drives you.

“Livin’ ain’t livin’ now without the thrill of doing something you love” Never a truer word spoken and it’s probably the thing that has driven Kiefer throughout his hugely successful career.

It’s a wonderful collection of anecdotal tracks that provide just enough grit to appease your classic rock fans and more than enough Americana to placate those that miss the sounds of the late great Tom Petty. The bar room gets a look in with the piano led ‘Blame It On The Heart’ and whilst it might well force me to go out there and buy a check shirt and consider line dancing, it’s in the lyrics that this song comes to life.

“Blame it on your lying, cheating, cold dead beating, two timing double dealing, mistreating, loving heart…” 

Either that’s passing a message on for a friend or poor old Kiefer has been severely burnt somewhere down the line!

Credit: Beth Elliott

It’s the special edition and specifically the ‘Live In Berlin’, disc though where we get to hear the real Sutherland thanks to the on stage chat with the audience that delves deeper into the story behind the song and is mixed with some genuinely personal anecdotes as well. The heartwarming moment is when the band pauses long enough for Kiefer to take a drink with the audience and express his gratitude at them coming out to watch the band perform. There’s nothing false about the sentiment, it doesn’t even feel like it’s a scripted ‘same old same old’ that takes place at every show.

We also get, if you don’t know his material, music from the debut album (2016’s Down a Hole) as well which is more than enough to convince you to head out and check out the music.

Hugely enjoyable, a dead cert for repeat play.

Score 8/10

Reviewed by: Adrian Hextall

Kiefer returns to the UK in February 2020

UK Tour Dates 2020:

Wednesday 19th February – Ipswich, Corn Exchange

Friday 21st February – Brighton, The Haunt

Saturday 22nd February – Blackburn, King George’s Hall

Sunday 23rd February – Nottingham, Rock City

Tuesday 25th February – Sheffield, Leadmill

Wednesday 26th February – Cambridge, Junction

Thursday 27th February – Liverpool, O2 Academy 

Saturday 29th February – Dublin, Academy

Sunday 1st March – Leeds, Stylus

Monday 2nd March – Oxford, O2 Academy 

 Tickets can be bought at:

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