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Sifting – The Infinite Loop Review

Released by: Eclipse Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Prog Metal/Thrash



Line Up:

Eduardo Osuna Gil (guitar & vocals)

Joey Aguirre (drums)

Wins Jarquin (bass)

Xavi Leon (guitars)



A Critical Affair
Enough (clean edit)
Stop Calling Me Liberty
The Fifth Element
What If (Dichotomy)
To Who I Am
Ghost Of A Lie (feat. Derek Sherinian)
Emotionless Shells
The Infinite Loop


Over the last 35 years of my life, I have been lucky to witness a tremendous number of live shows. Some that surpass the capacity for words (good or bad) and some that spill forth from my mind (good or bad.) I’m one of those twisted freaks that wants to get to a show early enough to see all the bands, the exception being if one of the openers is someone I have seen before and I hated (yes, despite being one of the few “positive” reviewers there’s plenty of stuff I despise.) Every once in a while I’ll attend a show to see a band earlier on the bill, but most of the time it will be the headliner.

Opening bands run the gamut from horrible garage bands that should’ve stayed in the garage to absolutely polished acts that make you wonder why they haven’t caught on yet. One band, I managed to see not once, but twice on the same tour opening for the mighty Sons of Apollo was a band called Sifting. They were tremendously talented with some killer songs, but from my perspective, they seemed to not be sure of where they wanted to be as a band. Ranging from stunning progressive metal (what I felt was their strong point) to straight thrash to even kind of modern metal it was like they were trying to find their voice.

As it happens in the life of an album reviewer, the promo for Sifting’s latest album came across my purview so I thought I’d see where the stood in the studio. Needless to say, I was blown away. On The Infinite Loop, the band still encompassed all of what I saw live, yet seemed to have wrangled it together to make a cohesive and united sound that became the sound of Sifting. Clearly playing progressive music is where the heart of Eduardo Osuna Gil (guitar/vocals/mastermind,) Joey Aguirre (drums,) Wins Jarquin (bass,) and Xavi Leon (guitars) lies and their skills prove exactly why. There are some stunning technical performances on this album. From that standpoint alone the album would be a winner, but they manage to meld into this prog sound a crushing thrash approach with modern elements along the way while also being melodic. Rarely does a singer/guitarist come out with the skills of Gil. His prowess on the fretboard is matched by his truly unique and powerful vocal ability. Songs like “Enough,” “Ghost of A Lie,” and the massive “The Infinite Loop” show technical skills, but also the ability to craft progressive music that is also enjoyable to listen to on the surface (i.e. you don’t have to put on your thinking cap to absorb it.)

I’m glad Sifting is coming into its own. They showed significant promise on the stage, and The Infinite Loop shows that the band is tapping into that promise. Sifting is morphing into a top-notch Progressive Metal unit set to conquer the world and beyond.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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