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It’s a bit lacking in blood and gore…said no one ever. Slayer’s ‘The Repentless Killogy’ review

Waking through the Reign, somewhere South of [Camden], we arrive at the VUE Cinema in Islington for a special screening of ‘The Repentless Killogy’ , a short movie and concert performance from thrash metal titans, SLAYER.

For nearly four decades, Slayer’s onslaught has proven them to be the supreme thrash-metal band on the planet – the band that other heavy acts are measured against and aspire to.

With their place in music history secure, Slayer – Tom Araya, Kerry King, Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph – in conjunction with Trafalgar Releasing, Nuclear Blast Records and Prime Zero Productions, unleashed the Slaytanic offensive on the big screen when Slayer: The Repentless Killogy debuted last night in cinemas around the world.

Uncompromising and unmissable, this one-night-only event featured the short film with Slayer’s entire performance filmed at its August 5, 2017 concert at the Los Angeles Forum.

Imagine if you will, a Neo-nazi as our anti (VERY!) hero [Jason Trost] who has woken up and realised that his way of life is ‘possibly’ taking him down the wrong path. Having met a beautiful young women [played by Ashley L Osborne], he discovers she has been kidnapped by his old neo-nazi group and sets off to reclaim both her and their unborn child.

What follows as the short trailer below shows is a 45 minute bloodbath as members of the group are dispatched in various ways, all of which turn the shock and gore factor up to the max. We’re talking axes to the head, 100 knives impaled in a single body (why use one knife when 100 sends a much clearer message), tow-rope decapitations and all manner of gun shot wounds that make Rambo look like a 2nd Grade P.E. teacher.

A solid cost bolster the short movie including genre favourites like Danny Trejo and Bill Moseley. It’s all tied together with Slayer performing in music videos throughout and they provide the intense soundtrack to a very intense film.

It begins in Slayer’s dressing room, an interview with the questions on screen and the band, playing themselves answering open and honestly. A gunshot is heard, they head outside to discover a dead body on the floor….. cue the music and the story…

 Once the 45 minute violence-fest that, thanks to the Nazi imagery, has already been banned in Germany, a marker appears on screen to explain why the band were in their dressing room. 2 hours earlier they had performed a sell out show at the LA Forum. The show, actually filmed in August 2017 is presented in its entirety, captured with multiple hi-def cameras and presents Slayer on top form with a performance that proves just why they’ve been at the top of their game for so many years. Check out a sample from the concert below: 


The complete package is available on Blu-ray and the concert audio is available on Vinyl and CD. Click on the pictures below to purchase them. In Germany only the concert footage is available on the Blu-ray.

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