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Eric Gales – The Bookends review

Released: Out Now 

Label: Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Genre: Blues

Eric Gales on guitar and lead vocals,

Mono Neon on bass,

Aaron Haggerty on drums,

La Donna Gales on backing vocals and percussion,

Dylan Wiggins on organ.

Track Listing:
1 – Intro
2 – Something’s Gotta Give (Feat B.Slade)
3 – Whatcha Gon’ Do
4 – It Just Beez That Way
5 – How Do I Get You
6 – Southpaw Serenade (Feat Doyle Bramhall II)
7 – Reaching For A Change
8 – Somebody Lied
8 – With A Little Help From My Friends (Feat Beth Hart)
10 – Resolution
Bonus Track – Pedal To The Metal (Feat B.Slade)

Eric Gales has returned to the fray with a stunning blues offering, abundant in its richness, right through from the atmospheric instrumental opening with its funkadelic back beat, to the almost grunge inspired feel of ‘Reaching for Change’

Tracks throughout the album, such as ‘Somethings Gotta Give’ display a medley of musicianship layered with exceptional guitar and background harmonies. The rich tapestry of layer upon layer of genres intertwined, make this blues album more interesting than many others. This is demonstrated with track 3 from the album, ‘Watcha Gon’ Do’.

‘It Just Beez That Way’ has a satisfyingly delicious mash up of old school Chilli Peppers with a touch of Stevie Wonder and ‘How Do I Get You’ has that dreamy Lenny Kravitz feel to it and is executed perfectly, making it my favourite track of the album.

‘Southpaw Serenade’ is a slow and sensual treat for lazy Sunday mornings or late, late, Saturday nights. ‘Reaching for Change’ has a heavier almost grunge like feel to it and really show cases the exceptional musicianship of Eric and his playmates.

‘Somebody Lied’, with a London’s Burning-esque inspired intro, is a nicely simple ditty and brings an unusual interlude to the rest of the album.

You can’t go wrong with a version of ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’, and the vocals on this cover are beautiful and helped along with support from the always marvelous Beth Hart.

The end track ‘Resolution’ has the ambiance of ‘Run to You’ and is unusual in that it is an instrumental track to finish the album. With a bonus track of Pedal to The Metal, this album was a surprising treat for me.

Eric Gales ‘The Bookends’ is an album which has depth and many layers, in fact the kind of album that makes you hear new things each time you listen to it. From 70’s inspired funk, to rich blues, to a drop of grunge with a hint of gospel, this should be enjoyable for those who love all types of music genres. This is the perfect treat for your ears on a lazy summer’s afternoon or a cosy winters evening by the fire & there is even enough rock n roll in there for a good party too!

SCORE: 8 out of 10

REVIEWER: Francijn Suermondt

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