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Pompadour – Cut To The Chase EP review

Release date: Out Now

Band members:-

  • Tamsin Sayers – Vocals/Bass
  • Kearney Day – Guitar
  • Toby Holbrook – Drums.


1) Blame Your Predecessors

2) Point Blank

3) Enigma

4) Veronica

5) Catch Me If You Can


Pompadour is a British Indie Rock band formed in Bristol in 2018.  The released their debut single ‘Violet’ in February 2019, to rave reviews and high praise, receiving their first national airplay on Planet Rock’s ‘New Rock Show’ soon afterwards.  With their glittery anthem ‘Oh Honey!’ following in April, it is setting up to be a very busy 2020 for the Pompadour trio.

Here is their debut EP ‘Cut To The Chase’, which will surely send them into the stratosphere with these well-crafted, hook-laden tunes.  ‘Blame Your Predecessors’ kicks off this short and punchy disc with a sassy start, cleverly mixing tempos and switching guitar sounds around to give a kick when leading into the chorus.

‘Point Blank’ has already garnered plenty of attention from independent on-line rock radio and it’s not hard to see why.  The picked riff at the start, neatly appearing throughout this song busting with attitude.  This is a definite highlight and surely will be a live favourite as it has a great live production sound.

‘Cut To The Chase’ gives the impression that the band are very comfortable with the material they play, not overstretching themselves but able to create their niche effortlessly and with a refreshing approach to their music.  There are plenty of moments where they can press the pedal to the metal for that added kick, especially on ‘Enigma’ and ‘Veronica’.  They are intelligently used to boost the dynamics of the songs.

Just in the same way that ‘Arctic Monkeys’ debut set the indie rock scene off again, Pompadour, have a similar situation unfolding in front of them.  I can easily see these guys making several festival appearances next year and on the back of this EP, no one will begrudge them their shot at stardom.   The songs are not overblown and get their point across very effectively.  There is no reason why they cannot join the ever-expanding list of musical talent from the South-West of England.

‘Pompadour’ will be playing at The Mothers’ Ruin in Bristol for a home-town gig on November 30th.  It is a fair bet that it will be a sell out based on my thoughts of this EP.  Be sure to check these guys out now because I firmly believe they will be megastars in the very near future.

SCORE: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by: Stefan Putwain

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