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Lovebites – Awakening From Abyss Review

Genre: Heavy Metal | Hard Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 25.10.17



01. The Awakening

02. The Hammer Of Wrath

03. Warning Shot

04. Shadowmaker

05. Scream For Me

06. Liar

07. Burden Of Time

08. The Apocalypse

09. Inspire | 10. Don’t Bite The Dust

11. Edge Of The World

12. Bravehearted


In case you missed the introduction of the all-female Japanese band LOVEBITES a few years ago, we are proud to inform you about them now via this review. The band released an EP and full-length debut CD titled Awakening from abyss back in 2017. This is an album that simply blows you away in classic Japanese melodic metal style, yet with an updated Euro Power Metal approach, thanks to the mastering of the legendary Mika Jussila.

If you remember MARI HAMADA, LOUDNESS and SHOW YA, you will definitely love LOVEBITES, because they follow the style of those legendary Japanese acts. The band is formed around Asami – vocals, Midori – guitars, Mi-Ya – guitars and keyboards, Miho – bass and Haruna – drums, and these girls can definitely play and handle their instruments. Blistering soaring guitarsolo’s, twin-guitarwork in the classic MAIDEN style and typical Japanese vocals are making this a true winner in the Japanese melodic metal history. The songs are most of the time quite fast, with as highlights Scream for me, Shadowmaker (with it’s lovely catchy choruses) and Burdenof time.

They have only been active since 2016, but already sound like they have been here for ages, which of course is a good thing. LOVEBITES might as well be the finest Japanese band this century and since 2017 they have built up quite a reputation in Europe, thanks to successful performances at the Metal Festivals in the summer of 2019 (Donington, Graspop…) and meanwhile released a follow-up album. I am convinced this band is going to become bigger and bigger in the near future and if they are live as good as on record, well, who knows we might be looking at one of the major acts in Metal in 5 years from now.


Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem

Ratings: Gabor   9/10



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