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Alice Cooper live at The Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL on November 12th, 2019

Photos by: Julius Richardson

Words by: Shadow Editor



When you talk about legendary Rockers who are still around today, we have to mention Alice Cooper, the king of Shock Rock. Turning 70 a couple years ago seems like just a number for Alice, as he has toured relentlessly the past few years, and as he wrapped up a short tour of dates for Hollywood Vampires earlier in the year, his side project with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, we got a new list of North America dates for the spring and summer for his main Act. Labeled “O’l Black Eyes Is Back” tour; we find them trucking the southeast and making their way to Huntsville at the Von Braun Center on a chilly November 12th day.

As you come to expect from Cooper and company, his production usually includes a little shop of horrors along with your typical classic setlist that he has been known for through his long and storied 50 year career. That means, snakes, straighttjackets and blood, and more blood..ohh and huge headed babies among other strange oddities.

The show begins promptly at the Concert Hall, which is close to being filled. We get classics like “Feed My Frankenstein” right off the bat, followed by Alice’s iconic “No More Mr Nice Guy’. Even though these songs are known by just about anybody who has ever listened to Rock, it never gets old to hear them live, and like wine, they get better with time.

A couple other favorites come through on this night, courtesy of “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” and “I’m Eighteen”. Cooper with it’ typical stage personas and facial expressions is always enjoyable to witness. You also have newcomer, not so new now that I think of it, guitarist Nita Strauss running all through the stage and pumping energy into the set every night. No difference here, shes’ always great bundle of energy, but to be honest she needs no validation as her guitar playing speaks for itself. She has cemented herself quite nicely into the Cooper world.

“Poison” and “Steven” are also nice to hear live as both Ryan Roxie and Tommy Henriksen do a nice job here. I have to say that my only complaint was the short setlist, maybe it was the length of the songs, but it felt like a really short set, the songs blew by way too quickly. Performances we’re good, and stage production is always entertaining however.

This chilly night ends with “School’s Out/Another Brick In The Wall” and as the early week crowd heads out to of the Concert Hall, we are reminded once again how honored we are to witness another Rock legend, and also have a chance to share an experience with so many other Alice fans. Last but not least, we survived another butchery and his minions we’re very well satisfied. Until next time freaks!!!



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