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Work of Art – Exhibits Review

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
8 November 2019



Lars Säfsund – Vocals

Robert Säll – Guitars

Herman Furin – Drums


1.Misguided Love
2.Be The Believer
3.Another Night
4.This Isn’t Love Feat. Vince Dicola
5.Gotta Get Out
6.Come Home
7.If I Could Fly
8.Destined To Survive
9.Scars To Prove It
10.What You Want From Me
11.Let Me Dream


I was very much anticipating the new Work of Art Exhibits. I’ve always enjoyed their distinct brand of AOR, despite being softer than some of their competitors. Probably the lesser-known band of the W.E.T super group conglomerate, they could easily move into a more obvious position with their latest offering. The new album is one that I have found myself listening to more than some of the other releases of 2019. It is fantastic.

Starting strong with the instantly memorable “Misguided Love” Work of Art is in a take no prisoners frame of mind. Their first three albums are all excellent, but there is something intrinsically better with Exhibits than their earlier albums. Maybe guitarist Robert Säll is finding inspiration from working with his W.E.T. bandmates, stepping up his game to be as formidable a writer/performer like Martensson and Soto, neither a slouch in the melodic AOR game. One of the biggest benefits of Exhibits is that it is one of those classic sounding AOR records that would fit nicely in the ’80s while remaining as contemporary as ever. It’s that vintage edge that sets the tone though. Vocalist Lars Säfsund has a voice that has the potential to become the top of the genre, able to project his voice with such power, carrying the songs to another level. Tracks like “This Isn’t Love,” “Misguided Love,” “What You Want From Me,” and “If I Could Fly” deftly tackling anthemic rockers to melodic ballads without losing any ground.

Work of Art has knocked it out of the ballpark with Exhibits. For me, it is easily their best album, showing growth and development stemming from years of producing quality music, and perhaps finding the right grouping of performers and honing the writing to a knife-edge precision of melodic hooks and powerful vocals. This is the sleeper album for me. Again, I knew I would enjoy it, but I had no idea it would “speak to me” as much as it has.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 10/10


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