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Eleine – All Shall Burn EP Review

Black Lodge

Release: 22 November 2019



Madeleine “Eleine” Lijestam — Vocals
Rikard Ekberg — Guitar, Vocals
Ludwig Dante — Guitar
Jesper Sunnhagen — Drums
Anton Helgesson — Bass



1. Enemies
2. All Shall Burn
3. Mein Herz Brennt
4. Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) (Symphonic Version)
5. All Shall Burn (Symphonic Version)


I’m just going to come right out and say it: I find a lot of Symphonic Power Metal to be a bit derivative and boring. Outside of a handful of bands, the genre tends to be overrun with the same sounding bands never venturing too far away from the style. The bands I do love of this type have something about them that sets them apart. Perhaps the orchestrated stuff is better than most, maybe the singer possesses a stunning voice, or maybe the guitar work is enough to draw me in. For those bands I enjoy, many times they contain all three. Eleine was heading towards me not wanting to write about them (sounds worse than I mean, so hang on.) Sure, I enjoyed what they were during, but overall, I wasn’t blown away by the whole package, except the voice was amazing. So why am I writing?

All Shall Burn is an EP, and I tend not to focus much time and attention on an EP, let alone Symphonic Power Metal, but there were moments here that offered some compelling performances. The voice of Madeleine Liljestam was very much intriguing to me. It is powerful and sexy, and so captivating. However, it wasn’t until the fourth track “Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)” a song that is just the orchestrated part and her voice, that I understood how magnificent this EP was. It literally moved me, nearly leaving me overwhelmed emotionally. This is EXACTLY what music should do. I stopped what I was doing and soaked it all in. After that I gained an all-new respect for the other tracks. I realized that her voice and the orchestrations set it apart. The only song I could do without is “Mein Herz Brennt,” but once Liljestam’s voice joins that of Rikard Ekberg that I started to appreciate it. The rest of the EP is pretty good, but that one song was inspiration enough (and the symphonic version of the title track) for me to want to write about it.

I’m not sure if Eleine will find this review to be a good one, but I hope they do and focus their future efforts on where their strong points are. All Shall Burn offers some potential for Eleine to become a standout band of the genre. With lush orchestrations and phenomenal vocals, there is certainly a hefty degree of talent.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10


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