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Pompadour, live at Mother’s Ruin, Bristol, 30th November 2019

Review: Stefan Putwain

Pictures: Simon Kneller

Following my review of the new EP, ‘Cut To The Chase’, it gives me great pleasure to be able to comment on the home-town Pompadour gig in the well-established sweat box that is Mother’s Ruin in Bristol. The pub has a burgeoning reputation on the local music scene for providing an outlet for up-and-coming local acts looking to forge their own musical path. Whilst it isn’t the prettiest venue, there is a certain charm about everything not being pristine.

Pompadour take to the stage to rapturous applause from the gathering multitude. Opening with ‘Enigma’, guitarist, Kearney Day, a study of concentration picking out the riffs with professional aplomb, wearing possibly the shiniest jacket I have ever seen. Bassist/vocalist, Tamsin Sayers, the driving, creative force behind the music, with the line-up completed by energetic drummer, Toby Holbrook, smashing out the beat.

There were a couple of minor technical glitches through the first couple of songs, ‘Blame Your Predecessors’ suffered a dropped pick and minor sound difficulties, but the band seemingly unfazed by these hiccups, ploughed through without skipping a beat. By the time Pompadour had moved onto ‘Violet’ and ‘Veronica’ they had clearly gained confidence and there was a definite lift in energy levels.

With ‘Point Blank’ and ‘Catch Me If You Can’, also taken from the recent EP, they have tunes stacked with hooks that would make even the most stoic of people dance. The crowd joining in when participation was encouraged, clapping through the songs to back up the rhythm section. Interspersing older material through the set and seamlessly introducing the newer songs, this is a set full of modern classics from these Indie rockers.

It is no surprise that Pompadour have gleaned attention from Planet Rock and BBC Introducing, their material comes across well and I could easily have watched them play for another 45 minutes so engaging was their set. The songs are short, sharp and punchy gaining your attention with youthful exuberance. It is refreshing to see a band comfortable with what they play and warming to the crowd’s reaction throughout. By the end of the set, the crowd were chanting, ‘One more song!’ repeatedly. Clearly, these guys have made a great impression on this local following. From such humble beginnings, 2020 is set to be a busy year for them. I can see that this could be the start of something beautiful for the Pompadour trio.

Setlist for Pompadour

1) Enigma
2) Blame Your Predecessors
3) Slush Puppy
4) Violet
5) Veronica
6) The Way It Goes Wrong
7) Do You Dare Me?
8) Point Blank
9) Catch Me If You Can
10) Oh, Honey!

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