Madre Sun – Bringing Brazil to England. Debut single out and London show on December 13th

Debut single BLACK RIVER – out now

Madre Sun are have released their debut single ‘Black River’ via all platforms.

The track is a no-holds barred rock n roll masterclass. From its AC/DC style vocals to its Who like swagger, the track encapsulates the feel, groove, attitude and lifestyle of the bands contemporaries.

Madre Sun, who are made up of Brazilian brothers Eduardo (lead vocal/bass) and Matt (backing vocal/guitar) with Tyson Schenker on the lead guitar and Flipi Stipp on drums, came together to form a band that unashamedly uses the tried and true guitar, bass, howl and drum to craft hard hitting snappy songs to provide the comforting punch you haven’t felt in a while.

Already praised in the brother’s homeland of Brazil by one of the biggest Rock & Metal portals in South America , Madre Sun are fully on their way to make a lot of noise both sides of the Atlantic.

Their debut E.P is due out early 2020. The EP was recorded in Cambridge, UK between 12th and 16th June 2019.

Live date:
October 13th Fiddlers Elbow, London



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