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Nightwish – Decades: Live In Buenos Aires Review

Release: 12/06/19

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Band line up:

Floor Jansen – Vocals
Tuomas Holopainen – Keyboards
Marco Hietala – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kai Hahto – Drums
Emppu Vuorinen – Guitar
Troy Donockley – Flutes, Backing Vocals, Guitar

Track List:

End Of All Hope
Wish I Had An Angel
th Man Down
Come Cover Me
Sacrament Of Wilderness
Deep Silent Complete
Dead Boy’s Poem
I Want My Tears Back
The Carpenter
The Kingslayer
Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
Slaying The Dreamer
The Greatest Show On Earth
Ghost Love Score


Words can not express how happy I am to hear Floors voice on old Nightwish classics like “10th Man Down”, “Come Cover Me” and “The Carpenter”! Tarja Turunen (Lead Vocals 1996-2005) had a one of a kind operatic voice, she sung beautifully while holding a tune like no other. Floor Jansen does an amazing job, not just covering, but making the songs her own. Giving her own little twists while staying right up to par with groups’ first singer, Tarja!

I was very surprised with this album and couldn’t put it down once I started listening to it. It’s amazing to see the group play these old songs for the first time again in years! I was most excited to hear how Floor Jansen would stand next to these epics from the groups most operatic roots. Ranging from their albums “Wishmaster” (2000), “Once” (2004), “Oceanborn” (1998) and even “Angels Fall First”( 1997)! This group handpicked their best songs from every album, and brought them to the table with the perfect execution, even the production is spot on with both Sound and Lighting! Strongly recommend picking up the DVD/CD package when they all hit the stores!

In normal Nightwish fashion, the group has this amazing full size sound to everything they do. Mainly thanks to the composer of the group, and keyboard player, Tuomas Holopainen; the group just flies high live! Ranging from the studio symphony tracks overlaid with Tuomas finely tuned patches off his keyboard fill in all the little holes that powerful Guitar tone throws out. Emmpu is the groups one and only guitarist (Troy Donockley will pick up the acoustic during the show as well) in the group. And though Marko has a loud bass guitar, the two work wonderfully as a pair, and with Toumas on keys: And amazing wall of sound! Just add Kai on drums and that angelic voice of Floor and you have something that you REALLY should check out live! Troy Donockley just adds that special salt on top with his charm, Voice, and many flutes, Bagpipes, Guitar and even a few vocals here and there!

Top tracks had to come down to “10th Man Down”, “The Carpenter” and “Dead Boy’s Poem”! Each song being my favorite from Tarja, and the ones I was most excited to hear: Though I do wish I could of heard “Creek Marys Blood” and “Over The Hills”! Even after the 32nd time listening to “Dead Boy’s Poem” I just can’t seem to turn off this old classic. Floors smooth vocals are a change from the very operatic voice of Tarja but they fit so much better, at least in my opinion. I was always a fan of every singer the group had. Anette Olzon (2007-2012) being my second favorite next to Floor. But albums like Imaginaerum and Dark Passion Play were to KILLER albums that, honestly, needed her vocal range. And is in the one era I feel floor lacks. Though she makes up for it in the best of ways: We all know her range on the groups hit “Ghost Love Score”!

Written by: Jeremy Nelson

Ratings: 9/10


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