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Indya, New album ‘Gimme Ya Luv’ review and live at The Monarch , Camden, December 2019

Words and Pictures: Adrian Hextall \ MindHex Media

Indya have a new album coming out, Gimme Ya Luv, released independently, sees the hard working Natalie ‘Indya’ West, delivering on the promise suggested in multiple live shows over recent years.

Mixing the old with the new, the debut full length album from British rockers Indya combines some of the tracks we’ve heard before on various singles and eps and adds on some belting new material that shows the range and versatility of the talented, ambitious, exciting and very fabulous Natalie (Indya) West who fronts the band.

A powerful desire to succeed has seen Indya support everyone who is anyone including Republica, Space, EMF, Gun, Shvpes and more and the fact that her music sits so comfortably with any of those acts shows the diversity of music on offer. Pop, punk, reggae, rock (obviously) all play a part in Indya’s music and the 12 tracks on offer never once leave you feeling like you’ve heard it all before.

Sure there are influences in there and it’s easy to understand when you hear Natalie grew up listening to the likes of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Hendrix and Joan Jett, the latter providing the attitude and sass that she carries so well.

If you know her music, then you’ll know the lyrical content behind ‘Harder Faster’ of which 2 versions appear on the album. Suffice to say it’s not for kids. The tracks that are of interest are those that we’ve not necessarily come across before. ‘Ignite It (Feat MC Neat)’ mixes classic rock with a more modern grime led approach to music and should open up the band to an army of inner-city fans in search of a role model to latch on to and Indya may just be what they need. For me, the real win is on tracks like ‘I Cast A Spell’ which has fuzz-infused rock classic written all over it.

The band comprise:

Natalie Indya West- Songwriter/ Vocals

Josh De Mita – Bass

Andy Basiola/ Aaron King- Guitars

Joel Day- Drums

SCORE 8/10

We also managed to catch the band live in Camden during December, one last show for us to catch the team who really know how to deliver on all fronts.

As part of the Camden Rocks All Dayer shows, The Monarch played host to a handful of other bands the same day but we were there to catch Indya to reaffirm what the fuss was about.

A short 3 minute set, one that saw the band head out onto the stage early in the afternoon meant we had to get there early to see Natalie & Co. but boy was it worth it.

Cast A Spell, personal favourite Pink n Leopard and a groovy swing version of Harder Faster (see above for content info kick started everything with some serious kudos going to Indya’s lead guitarist Aaron King who channels his inner Hendrix with ease and resulting sound is soaked up by the eager crowd, already  few pints in and eager to be entertained.

The latter half of the show containing Strip Me Down and closer Harder Faster (the original metal version) made sure the band left a lasting impact and it bodes well when the album starts to be heard by the public.

Class act, great show, we now just need longer sets please!


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