Machine Head Celebrates The 25th Anniversary Of “Burn My Eyes” With A Sweltering Set At The Brand New Mars Music Hall In Huntsville, AL On 1-24-20

What a night holy hell man if your ears weren’t shot to hell and back you weren’t listening right....


Photos by: Julius Richardson

Words by: Shadow Editor



Can you believe that it has been now over 25 years since Machine busted onto the scene with their Sludgy heavy distortion of a sound titled “Burn My Eyes”? Little did they know that they would be celebrating that record years later with a massive tour and 3-hour sets? Crazy to think about it now, but Machine Head had survived the times and still today with difficulties faced in the past in recent years, they have continued forward and are here still today, heavy as ever and proving to audiences that Metal does not simply go away!!!

One does not simply prepare itself for a 3 hour set of Machine Head, but for fans local and the one’s that travel from Birmingham to come check the band out for the first time at the brand new spanking venue The Mars Music Hall in Huntsville, they got one hell of an evening!!!

We got early to this show to check out the new venue and take a look around. Very nice acoustics in the room we noticed off the bat, with a nice second level for VIP fans to take a bird’s eye view of the events. To the left you have the merch area and right is the main stage. The vibes here feel like a theater, but it is a perfect size venue to bring in bigger acts and bunch people together in the general admission standing room only area and just have a damn good time.

The show kicks off right on time and we are pumping some major cuts that have the crowd headbanging!!! Favorites like “Locust” and “Darkness Within” shine through exquisitely, and as we come close to ending the 2-hour set mark, other pumping metal anthems like “Aesthetics of Hate” and “Ten Ton Hammer” add to the already impressive night. If there was ever a show to come to, to release some anger, you picked up the right one Huntsville!!! Two horns up for the Iron Maiden cover of “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, always sounds great and one of the best ones I have heard from any band. Probably one of the coolest things for me was to hear Wac?aw “Vogg” Kie?tyka from Decapitated playing live with the band, the guy shreds, thought he did a killer job. Also, Jared MacEachern on bass is tough as nails; he fits in perfectly with Machine Head.

The guys take a short break at the 2-hour mark to bring in original members Logan Mader and Chris Kontos on stage to begin the tribute to “Burn My Eyes”. Kontos is a beast on drums; you can just feel the energy as he blasts the drum kits from the onset.

Logan Mader’s guitar riffs are heavy as hell, and his energy on stage just brings even more anger that blends in dynamically with the songs on this record. “Davidian” opens things up and you can just feel a different era of Machine Head taking over, and is cool to witness and hear live in the flesh for fans that came long after that time frame.

Another chunky tune comes via “Blood for Blood” and of course “Block” which end the night after a very cool medley which includes a tribute to Metallica in Welcome Home (Sanitarium” and Slayer’s “Raining Blood” and “South of Heaven”!!!

What a night holy hell man if your ears weren’t shot to hell and back you weren’t listening right. One of the most powerful shows I have seen in the last few years, the energy from the band was great, Rob Flynn was excellent, his riffs we’re tight, chaotic and the did a great job interacting with the crowd on this Friday night. I know the show didn’t have a great turn out in comparison to the previous ones already there the last few weeks, but give Rock and Metal a chance folks as we have a fan base can grow and make it even better. I’ve said it before and I sound like a broken record, but please come out to the shows and support the music. This year Mars Music Hall is bringing a ton of really great bands in the realm of Rock and Metal and they deserve your attention. All positive vibes from us and look forward to the next one!!! Horns Up mother truckers and Machine F*%$cking Head!!!

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