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Video Exclusive: Anzi Destruction – Walk The Mine (Mixing rock, industrial punk and beats)

Released January 24th 2020

Musical chameleon Anzi Destruction returns with a brand new industrial rock single “Walk the Mine” today (24th January 2020) via all platforms.

The crossover song mixes hard rock and industrial punk with dirty fuzz guitars and beats. “Old amplifiers, vintage sounds with a modern groove. That’s what modern rock music sounds like in 2020.”, says Anzi. The song echoes Marilyn Manson while strongly rooted in the contemporary soundscape and political climate. The track features none other than Guns N’ Roses composer Timo Kaltio handling additional guitar duties.

Anzi states…

”’Walk the Mine’ is a description of a world where originality has disappeared. People recycle old habits, walk someone else’s path and use someone else’s ideas as their own. “This looks very gray from the colourful world where I live in.”

The single serves as a taster for his upcoming album titled ‘12’. A reference to authority, appointment and completeness. ’12’ is also about turning over a new leaf by giving a chance to wrap up a certain stage in life before moving forward to bigger and better things, which is exactly what Destruction’s upcoming album is planning on doing next year!

As shown on the single cover Anzi rises from Thames like a phoenix from the ashes. Unphased by the cold climate Destruction is renewed by fire, purified and ready to take on the world! From the bubbling underground to the corrupt system of the world banks.

Known for his energetic and wild live shows including fire breathing, Anzi was the lead singer of Stereo Junks! from 2003–2010. In 2001 he released two solo EPs Shoot I and Shoot II. His first full-length solo album, ‘High Clash Motherf***er’, was released in April 2011, followed in 2015 by the album ‘Black Dog Bias’.

Earlier this year Mister Destruction released a career spanning compilation ‘Fuel for Napoleon’, which also featured the brand new Aretha Franklin cover ‘Think’.

’12’ will be released in spring 2020.

Youtube: https://bit.ly/33fH3hN
Instagram: www.instagram.com/anzidestruction
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anzidestruction
Home: www.anzidestruction.com

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